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In the 3rd of our series of Team Member Interviews, we interview team member and local celebrity Colin the Rescue Otter!

colin the Rescue Otter. One of 100 Moor Otters spread throughout the Dartmoor NAtional park as part of the public art project raising money for conservation of the moor.

Its great to have you in the team Colin. It’s not everyday that a Mountain Rescue team can boost a real celebrity in its ranks! So, now you are settled down with your glass of Devonia Sparkling Water chilled to 7 degrees and your blue M&M’s, i’ll ask you the first question.

What is your role within the team and what does it involve?

I am the newest member of the swift water team. My role involves helping the team with their water searches. I do have to try and not to be distracted by all the lovely fish if we are on a call out I get the hard stare from my team mates if I do! Sometimes if I’m really hungry which is most of the time this can prove to be very difficult.

When did you join DSRTA and why?

I joined the team in March 2017. Someone promised me lots of fish. Yet to appear to be honest!

Tell us about your day job?

During the day I like to meet my fans and responding to all my messages on twitter this can be quite tiring so I try and get some sleep before my night job which involves a lot of fishing.
I have several types of fishing rods. Sometimes if I’m REALLY hungry I cast them all out in one go. I’ve just ordered a new one from Amazon I have quite a collection now
maybe some day I can show you.

Do you have any other hobbies or interests?

I’m top of the league at the Dartmoor Otter Pebble twisting association so mainly practising my pebble skills oh and a bit of fishing

Choose 5 words which best describe your experiences with DSRTA

Wet, Hungry, Hard Stare (I know that’s two but it needs to be pointed out) and did I mention hungry

Where is your favourite part of Dartmoor and why?

My Lips are sealed! Its a secret! I’m not going to say just in case there are other otters reading
this who might come along and steal my fish!

Jam or Cream first?

Oh no! Just Fish thank you. Got to keep my waist line down otherwise pebble twisting becomes

The Rolling Stones or The Beetles?

I like the stones but not sure about beetles I think they taste a bit funny. Yuk!
Colin the Rescue Otter is one of 100 otters that are in 94 locations across Dartmoor National Park this summer from June to September as part of the Moor Otters Public Art Project. 
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