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Thursday, 21 December 2017 12:23

Team Member Interview - Dr Tas Ali

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Team member interview - Dr Tas Ali

In this series of team member interviews, we find out more about what makes our volunteers tick. In this interview we talk to Dr. Tas Ali, currently the Chair of our team.

 Dr Tas Ali. Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton. Team Chair.


1) What is your role within the team and what does it involve?

I am the Chairman of the committee that manages the business of the team. It is a huge privilege to be considered to be fit to do this for such a talented group of people.

I have responsibility for the management, rather than the operational side of our work. These aspects are often intertwined, so I end up working closely with the Team Leader on most issues.

It is my responsibility to ensure the whole range of views of the committee is heard, and to forge census by negotiation. We are lucky to have a wide range of engaged and knowledgeable people in our committee who contribute huge value to our discussions.

We have an ethos within the team that we are all cogs in the machine and if any cog gets bigger than the others the machine jams. My view is that we run a well-oiled machine!

As one of the team doctors, I train our team to the Mountain Rescue standard of Casualty Care. I am proud of our team as we now have over 30 members who hold this qualification.

2) When did you join DSRTA and why?

Just under 20 years ago I moved from London and met a couple of team members who asked if I wanted to be a body on the moor! I felt perplexed at the time, but then understood it meant being a casualty for a search and rescue exercise and I haven’t looked back since.

3) Tell us about your day job?

I am a consultant anaesthetist and ensure patient’s undergoing surgery are safe under general anaesthesia, wake up comfortably and are pain free post-surgery. Other aspects of my work are looking after women in labour who need an epidural or a caesarean section. On call, I work with the intensive care team to stabilise sick and injured patients coming into the emergency department and if needed take them to the operating theatre for emergency surgery.

It puts life into perspective seeing people having to cope with immense stresses and makes me understand that we should be grateful for what we have and be kind to one another as life is fragile and precious.

4) Do you have any other hobbies or interests?

Anything outdoors, climbing, biking and recently running, but I am really bad at it!

5) Choose 5 words which best describe your experiences with DSRTA

Focused, highly skilled, trust, friendship and humbling.

6) Where is your favourite part of Dartmoor and why?

The Dart valley, it is a magical place that constantly changes but is always calming.

7) Jam or Cream first?

Clotted cream first, and squirty cream second. I am sure I will get into trouble for that…..

8) The Rolling Stones or The Beetles?

I am far too young! OK Beatles.

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