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Callout 10/2019 -  Mardon Down, Moretonhampstead 10:15 28th March 2019

A vulnerable male known to have attempted to take his own life in the past was reported missing on the 27th. His car was located parked on Mardon Down between Moretonhampstead and Clifford Bridge and a potential sighting of the individual around 2pm yesterday was enough for a request for search assistance to be issued by Devon and Cornwall Police. 

Our Control Vehicle on site at Mardon Down coordinating a search for a vulnerable male whose car was found in the area.

Our sister Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team at Okehampton searched the area overnight and were stood down in the early hours. During the morning the Police requested our assistance to search further areas alongside a National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter and various search dogs. 

Searches across the local area

Searches were conducted through the woods from Clifford Bridge to Mardon Down with no further sightings confirmed.

Early this afternoon confirmed intelligence was received that put the individual outside our search area by some margin and the team was stood down. The Police investigation continues.

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