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Sad outcome to search for elderly man outside Exeter

Callout 16, 17, 18  and 20 /2019 -  Hannaford Farm, Kennford,  27th, 28th, 29th and 30th June 2019

Dartmoor Rescue Ashburton volunteers searching farmland on the edge of Haldon forest near Exeter

A large scale search involving multiple agencies and resources during the hottest week of the year was launched to look for a 75 year old male who had gone missing from his isolated home on the edge of Haldon forest sometime between 9pm on the 26th June and 08:00am on the 27th.

We, along with our colleagues at N Dartmoor SaR and MR Search Dog Association, assisted the Police and other full-time emergency service agencies including Devon and Somerset fire and Rescue Urban SaR team and the Police helicopter. Search teams were deployed around the gentleman's home stretching in a radius of 1Km in an effort to locate him. 

In the early hours of Sunday the 30th of June following 3 days or searching and after our members had been stood down, 'groans' were thought to have been heard in a particularly difficult to access woodland on the edge of Haldon Forest. Whilst investigating a Police dog handler had unfortunately broken his ankle and so the Police focused turned towards recovering him and our volunteers were called out again to investigate. After a short search, one of our teams discovered a cow trapped at the edge of the woods in a distressed state and probably accounted for the the sounds heard by the Police earlier. A professional decision was made to, unfortunately, destroy the animal as attempting to recover it was difficult and would have caused the animal additional distress. A vet was called and the team were stood down around 03:15.

With no information or clues to his whereabouts and all allocated areas searched at least once, the Mountain Rescue involvement in the search was withdrawn on the Sunday. Police investigations however continued and on the evening of the 8th July, his body was located outside the area covered by the MR teams approximately 1.6Km from his home. His death is not being treated as suspicious.

We spent a huge amount of time deployed on this search and we are very sad that we were unable to locate him. Our thoughts and condolences are very much with his family at this time.

Callout 19/2019 -  Sowton village, Exeter 22:04 29th June 2019

In between the callouts at Kennford, we again alongside our N Dartmoor colleagues were asked to assist in a search for a vulnerable male who had gone missing around the Sowton village area of Exeter. Members deployed for water searches and were stood down after the missing person was located by Police officers.

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Monday, 17 December 2018 08:26

Haldon Forest callout for high risk female

Callout 33/2018 - Haldon Forest 23:57 16th December 2018

We were called just before midnight on Sunday 16th December by Devon and Cornwall Police to help in the search for a 'high risk' vulnerable female who was believed to be in the Haldon Forest area on Haldon Hill just outside Exeter.

Team vehicles had been organised and team volunteers were just beginning to arrive at the rendezvous when we were stood down as the misper had been found by Devon and Cornwall Police officers.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 11:24

Prepared for a severe weather event on Haldon Hill

Prepared for a severe weather event on Haldon Hill

Following 2 high profile severe weather events on the A38 and A380 at Haldon and Telegraph Hills in 2009 and 2010, (the latter event involved Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton rescuing motorists), where drivers and their passengers were stranded for up to 8 hours following heavy snowfall, emergency response agencies have collaborated on a response plan so as to be fully prepared should a similar weather event happen again.

stranded motorists due to the snow on Haldon Hill in 2010

Photo credit: Pete Sherman, DSRT Ashburton. DSRT response to Haldon Hill snow event 2010

The first event overnight on the 5th February 2009 saw around 200 people being rescued from their stranded vehicles after a sharp snowfall of up to 12 inches occurred in a matter of hours. 

Team member Al Pewsey experienced the event first hand (before he joined the team) as he travelled over Haldon in his car on the A38 that night. 

‘I left Exmouth in the pouring rain which turned to sleet as I approached Splatford Split at Kennford. I could see vehicle hazard warning lights at the top of Telegraph Hill on the Torquay road but the A38 looked clear. As I turned the corner after the A38/A380 split I was presented with vehicles that had ground to a halt as the sleet had turned to snow due to the increase in altitude.’

Stuck in traffic on the A38 at Haldon Hill in the snow of 2009

Photo credit: Al Pewsey, Haldon Hill snow event 2009.

‘The snow was settling very quickly and vehicles just weren’t getting anywhere. I managed to manoeuvre my Mini through the traffic chaos until I reached the front of blockage and a stuck lorry driver offered to give me a push which gave me enough momentum to get over the top. As I looked in my rear view mirror as I reached the top of the hill by the racecourse, I was the last car to make it over.’

‘I continued down the other side and all I could see were the crash barriers either side of the road as the road was under a thick blanket of snow. I knew as I descended the hill the snow would clear - which it did - and I was able to get home safely.

Travelling the A38 over Haldon Hill in a blizzard and thick snow was quite an experience

Photo credit: Al Pewsey, Haldon Hill snow event 2009.

The Highways Agency and other services struggled with the conditions as snowploughs and gritters couldn’t get through the traffic chaos which meant the roads couldn’t be cleared hence stranding motorists. Fortunately there were no serious injuries on either occasion and agencies have learnt from the experience and are now far better prepared.

The resulting ‘Haldon Hill Severe Weather Response Plan’ involves many of the statutory authorities including the Highways Agency, Devon County Council and the 999 emergency services, as well as voluntary organisations such as Dartmoor Search and Rescue and Devon 4x4 response. 

Part of this plan is to identify any potential severe weather events that may affect the major road arteries over Haldon in advance and assemble the various agencies ‘just in case’ to makes sure everybody is in the right place and ready to act should it be needed.

Our team search managers were called to a briefing at 4am this morning with all the relevant agencies, and positioned our incident control vehicle at Kennford ‘just in case’. Callout members were put on heightened alert last night ready to respond should we be needed so we could be in place ready to help before the rush hour commenced this morning.

Fortunately, the plan wasn’t required and we were stood down, for now, but are still on alert should the weather deteriorate later in the week.

DSRT Ashburton respond to Haldon Hill snow event 2010

Team leader Keith Lambeth said ‘The Haldon Hill response plan has learnt from the various agencies being caught out in 2009 and 2010 and means agencies are much better prepared now.’

‘However, drivers still need to keep abreast of the local weather forecast and reports, and plan their journeys accordingly and only travel where absolutely necessary if adverse weather is predicted. If you need to travel, make sure you carry in your vehicle spare food, drink,warm clothing and supplies such as a sleeping bag or blanket, and clothing for bad weather including boots, so that you can keep yourself and your passengers safe should you get stranded.’ 

‘Cars cool down very quickly once the ignition is switched off and without anything to keep you warm, you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk.’

Weather forecast for Exeter: XC Weather forecast for Exeter

Weather Radar: Net Weather Radar

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