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Friday, 15 July 2022 08:15

Missing elderly lady, Teignmouth

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Callout 20/2022 - Teignmouth 02:10 5th July 2022

At approximately 02:10hrs, the duty SM, was contacted by D&C Police, to search for a 72yrs old female with dementia, poor eyesight and reduced mobility. The full team was called out at about 02:40hrs.  Open areas on the edge of Teignmouth seafront and paths close to the railway line were searched. Once these areas had been done, teams were then brought into search the streets and alleyways, close to the misper's home. Several members had to leave and the remainder were split into 5 teams of two, enabling us to cover large areas of streets along the seafront.   It was whilst streets were being ticked off, a call came in saying the misper had been located not far from her home.  It transpires that she somehow got into a house and it was only when the occupant was woken by teams trying to open doors, that he came down to see what was going on and found the lady sitting on his sofa.  A good end to the day.


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