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Friday, 24 June 2022 07:56

Injured visitor at Becky Falls

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Callout 18/2022 - Becky Falls 17:00 22nd June 2022

At approximately 1700hrs on Wednesday 22nd June the rescue team received a request for us to provide assistance to the South West Ambulance Service Trust (SWAST) in bringing a lady with a suspected fractured ankle back from a difficult to access location within the Becky Falls woodland park tourist attraction.
Due to the narrow paths, trees, stumps, roots, steep slopes, boulders and steps this turned out to be a challenging callout. Despite this our skilled volunteers utilised their training to bring the casualty back to the road head as quickly and as smoothly as possible.
Due to the challenging terrain a rope system was deployed then in several sections where the path became narrow the stretcher had to be passed hand over hand between over a dozen of our volunteers. The last stage of the operation used our landrover to transport the injured lady and her paramedic up a 4x4 track to take her to the SWAST land ambulance.
We wish her a speedy recovery.
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