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Thursday, 13 January 2022 16:22

Stranded walker near Avon Dam

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Callout 1/2022 - Avon Dam, Shipley Bridge 17:32 12th January 2022

The team’s normal Wednesday training evening was interrupted by their first callout of the year.
Devon & Cornwall Police contacted the rescue team at 1750hrs to assist in finding a lady in her 50s who had gone out to take photographs and who had become lost and disorientated North of the Avon Dam.
Luckily, the police were able to provide the team with a grid reference of her location. It was dark by this time and the temperature rapidly falling below freezing. As the lady did not have any additional warm clothing or food an advanced party was quickly dispatched to her location (shown on image attached).
In the meantime, the rest of the rescue team were mobilised. Within 30 minutes she was found by the advance party and apart from suffering from mild hypothermia and bad cramp in both legs was uninjured. She was provided with food and a warm drink and walked to a waiting team vehicle by the Avon Dam. On returning her to the Shipley Bridge car park and further warming she felt fit enough to drive home. As it was on their way, she was escorted home by several team members.
With the callout completed by 1930 our volunteers continued with their planned night navigation training exercise at Venford.
This callout highlights the need to be well equipped when venturing onto Dartmoor, at anytime, but particularly during the Winter months. Always, always remember spare warm clothing, emergency rations, carry a torch with spare batteries and ideally a bivvy bag or bothy shelter.
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