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Friday, 26 March 2021 09:21

Missing person - Haytor

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Callout 9/2021 - Haytor 05:24 13th March 2021 

At 04:57 the on duty search manager team was contacted by the Devon & Cornwall Police to assist in locating a cold and distressed male in his early 20’s, camping near Haytor Rocks.
As the weather conditions on the moor were very hazardous with heavy rain, driving winds and very low temperatures, the team was quickly mobilised with a full team callout triggered at 05:24hrs.
The Police helicopter was also tasked to assist.
With the weather conditions as they were, the helicopter struggled to maintain a search pattern but credit to the experience of the pilot and crew they quickly located the camper.
A hasty team of three Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton members and a police officer were dispatched to his location. On assessment the camper was found to be mildly hypothermic but uninjured and so was quickly walked to the road head and a waiting ambulance. He was well equipped for the conditions on the moor but unfortunately, his inexperience let him down.
The team are very pleased that he was unharmed, but we reiterate that even with good equipment, you also need the experience as Dartmoor can be both beautiful and wild, however, it takes no prisoners.
Team stood down at 06:14hrs
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