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Tuesday, 16 February 2021 18:12

Lost walkers

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Callout 6/2021 - Shipley Bridge 15:20 14th February 2021

This afternoon the team were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police, who had received a report from two female walkers that had become cold and frightened whilst on a walk from Ivybridge to Buckfastleigh.
Team members were deployed from Shipley Bridge and Lud Gate (near Buckfastleigh) to a known position gained from the walkers mobile phones. Once located they were checked over by a team Dr and escorted by team members back to our control point to be collected by a relative.
Whilst every team member is happy to volunteer their time in order to help those either lost or vulnerable on the moor, we would reiterate that during these unprecedented times those looking to exercise should do so locally, and with consideration given to the weather when planning a walk, thereby reducing the risk to themselves and team members.
Team stood down at 18:03hrs.
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