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Saturday, 14 November 2020 09:06

Lost walkers, Holne moor area

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Callout 46/2020 - Puffy Billy track, Bittaford 18:30 13th November 2020

Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police at approximately 18:30hrs after two walkers had reported themselves lost on a hike near Avon Dam.
They judged that they had walked a considerable distance but had no means of determining their position. Their phone was low on battery so any call to gather information about their route had to be kept very short.
Whilst the full team were placed on stand by at 19:07hrs, a 2nd search manager was tasked to speak to them and quickly established a likely approximate position from their observations.
As there were no other concerns about their well-being the 2 search managers used team vehicles to reach their location on the Puffing Billy tramway near Bittaford and convey them to the assigned Police Officer who took them back to their car.
Our sister team, DSRT Plymouth were also held on standby as this initially had the potential be a long search of a very large area.
Both teams were stood down at 19:45hrs
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