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Thursday, 02 July 2020 11:26

Walkers in trouble near Avon Dam

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Callout 23/2020 -  Avon dam/Shipley Bridge, 18:35 1st July 2020

At approximately 18:35 the teams Search Managers were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police, to say two females and a dog were stuck in rocks in a steep valley North of Avon Dam.  At 18:50, a full team call out was initiated, this led to our regular Wednesday night training being cancelled and the team instantly switching from a training mode, to a full scale search and rescue incident. Team members were dispatched to a known location and the two casualties were found very quickly.  Luckily they were not in as perilous a situation as we were informed.  The two ladies and dog were safely walked off the moor and given a hot drink on arrival at the control vehicle. The two ladies had set off for a walk in good weather conditions, unfortunately for them the weather changed in an instant from clear skies to thick fog & then rain. This does bring home that weather conditions on Dartmoor will change without warning. Our team members stood down at 20:00hrs, we then carried on with our training, albeit in a different location.


33 members attended the call out, an amazing response.

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