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Sunday, 29 September 2019 13:20

Dartmoor campers rescued in 'extreme' weather

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Dartmoor campers rescued in 'extreme' weather

Callout 23/2019 -  Bellever, 03:05 29th September 2019

Two people and a dog on a camping trip had to be rescued after becoming bogged down in "extremely poor" weather.

The pair, in their late 20s, did not know where they were within Dartmoor National Park when they rang for help just after 02:00 BST.

They were found at 06:30 on moorland near Laughter Hole, suffering from slight hypothermia by a foot team from Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton.

Poor mobile network signal had made it difficult to pinpoint their exact location using a system called SARloc used by Mountain Rescue teams across the country, therefore rescue team members resorted to search teams to locate the missing couple.

Ian Lowcock, one of our search managers said "two search parties were sent on to the moor and worked with police, the fire service and the ambulance service's hazardous area response team."

He said "the man and woman were found mildly hypothermic but otherwise OK and it had been their intention to stay overnight on the moor. It is perfectly normal and reasonable to do that, people go out and camp in all weathers and actually there is a lot of pleasure to be had camping in bad weather,"

At 0905 the team were stood down after the mispers had been evacuated.

Tavistock Police said the pair's clothing and equipment had not been suitable and warned people to "come prepared for the worst" when camping in the national park.

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