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Monday, 11 June 2018 21:26

Lady breaks ankle on walk in Lustleigh Cleave

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Lady breaks ankle on walk in Lustleigh Cleave

Callout 17 / 2018 - 19:01  11th June 2018

The team was called earlier this evening to assist the South Western Ambulance Trust with the evacuation of a lady with a suspected broken ankle.

Dart62 Landrover ambulance at Lustleigh church

The lady had tripped injuring her ankle whilst walking with her husband in Lustleigh Cleave on a path just below Sharpitor. Unable to carry on the ambulance service were called who requested our help with the evacuation.

At the time of the initial request from the ambulance service, the exact location of the lady was unknown other than it was thought she was on the Lustleigh side of the Cleave and possible not far from 2 potential access points. Hence we were prepared for a potential search. An update was then given that she was 2 miles along a path that accessed the Cleave from Hammerslake.

As it turned out the lady was just under 600m into the Cleave from Hammerslake and we found her within 20 minutes of our first team being deployed. 

ambulance carry

The Paramedics had already splinted her ankle and administered painkillers and were ready for our evacuation. 10 minutes after our first team were at the casualty site, a second team arrived with our stretcher ready to begin the evacuation, closely followed by a third to assist with the stretcher carry back to the ambulance.

The transfer back to the land ambulance was a bit tight in places and required careful handling of the stretcher to make sure the patient was kept as comfortable as possible. On reaching the road, the lady was transferred to the waiting land ambulance for onward transfer to Torbay Hospital.

Dartmoor Rescue handing over a lady with a broken ankle to the ambulance at Lustleigh Cleeve.

Our duty team search manager said:

'I am very grateful to the team members who responded to this call for assistance from the ambulance service. From beginning the initial search to transferring the lady to the ambulance was less than an hour. I am very proud of the efficient and caring way the team worked in ensuring the lady was kept as comfortable as possible on a route that was very difficult in places.  We send our very good wishes to the lady for a speedy recovery and hope she is back exploring the beautiful Devon Countryside again very soon.'


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