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Teenager sustains multiple injuries in fall at Chudleigh Rocks

Callout 27/2018 - Chudleigh Rocks. 14:50 28th October 2018

The team were called out this afternoon as part of a joint rescue operation at Chudleigh Rocks. 

Polcie ambulance BASICS Devon and Dartmoor Rescue members wait for the air ambulance to take off transporting the injured teenager to hospital.

The alarm had been raised after a teenager had fallen from a substantial height at the rocks which is a popular location for climbers. 

Team members worked alongside Devon & Cornwall Police, BASICS Devon volunteer doctors and SW ambulance personnel to treat and evacuate the casualty to the waiting Devon Air Ambulance helicopter for transport to a hospital. 

One of our team volunteers on site said: "The casualty was incredibly lucky to have survived the fall from the rock. The rock is in close proximity to a large number of small trees and we think it was the trees that broke the fall and prevented more serious injury."

"The ground surrounding the rocks is lose and slippery in places, and considerable care was needed to make sure the patient was transported safely by stretcher to the helicopter. All the agencies involved worked seamlessly together to make sure the patient was given the best chance of a good recovery."

The casualty sustained multiple injuries in the fall.

"The initial clinical assessment was that although serious, the injuries weren't thought to be life-threatening and the casualty was conscious when transported by stretcher to the helicopter.  This will obviously be updated once a more detailed examination in hospital is undertaken."

Team leader Keith Lambeth said: "Just two weeks ago the team undertook a joint training exercise with the BASICS Devon volunteer Doctors at Haytor in preparation for incidents such as this. The seamless team working shown by all the agencies on site today showed that joint training is of utmost importance in making sure casualties are given the best chance.. We wish the teenager all good wishes for a full and speedy recovery."


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Climber injured in fall at Devon climbing rock

Callout - Chudleigh Rocks 17:45

Following the earlier callout and standby, later in the afternoon around 17:45, Dartmoor Rescue volunteers were called to assist the ambulance service with an evacuation of a climber who had fallen 15m whilst leading on a route on Chudleigh Rocks.

Evacuating a climber to the waiting ambulance who had fallen 15m whilst leading a climb at Chudleigh Rocks

Unfortunately his protection had failed resulting in him hitting the ground, catching his head on a rock. Because he was wearing a helmet, which sustained a large dent in the fall, his injuries were a lot less severe than they would have been.


Team members and the ambulance service worked together to evacuate him on a spinal board to the waiting ambulance for evacuation to hospital. We wish him a very speedy recovery.

The route on Chudleigh rocks where a climber fell whilst leading.

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