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Callouts 2016

Saturday, 26 November 2016 12:54

Overdue Walking Group at Harford Moor Gate

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 Overdue Walking Group at Harford Moor Gate

Harford Moor Gate

DSRT AmbulanceDartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton volunteers were called on this evening by Devon and Cornwall Police regarding a party of walkers overdue at Harford Moor Gate in Dartmoor National Park.

A mixed group of 8 walkers on the Two Moors Way including adults and children were expected at Harford Moor Gate around 6pm.

They reported by phone that they were 10 mins away but had not arrived, and had lost phone signal, an hour later. This would be easily explained as a misinterpretation of where they were on the tramway and there was no suggestion of mishap or vulnerability.

The team was put on standby in case they were not able to sort themselves out by 8pm. Soon after 8pm it transpired that the group had separated into a faster group of 5 and a slower group of 3 in the Redlake area. The 5 overshot Harford and left the moor near Wrangaton golf course. The police sent a National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter to confirm that the remaining 3 were on course. When they were not seen on the tramway a team callout was issued.

As expected this resulted in them showing up at Harford bunkhouse! Members were converging on Bittaford Moorgate that had been chosen so that we could cover the walkers overshoot area, with our sister team DSRT Plymouth covering the Erme valley, but also partly due to access through Harford was difficult due to a serious house fire.

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