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Saturday, 15 June 2019 16:21

Our Pauline

Our Pauline

Our team member and friend Pauline Richards suddenly collapsed whilst on duty with the team contributing to the safety cover for the two thousand four hundred young people taking part in this year’s Ten Tors Challenge.
Team member Pauline Richard died whilst on duty with the team at this year's Ten Tors.
Pauline on a training weekend
She was an active member of the team and in her time was a hill member, search dog handler, committee member, and in later years worked steadfastly to support our Search Managers in the Incident Control Vehicle.

Pauline was one of our most sociable members who spoke to everyone from the newest trainee to the longest serving member. She always had a kind word for those who needed one, and freely helped anyone who asked for her assistance. As a woman who had succeeded in gaining respect in a predominately male world, she made a point of supporting the many other women who have followed her since.

She had a devilish sense of humour that could gently torment the unwary - Sometimes the only clue for an increasingly perplexed trainee that she was standing on the small navigation target was her quiet chuckling. This was only matched by an unerring talent for sniffing out fresh coffee. Her ability to appear at just the right time must have taken years to perfect.

We take comfort in knowing that when she fell ill, she was with SaR family and friends and on Dartmoor, a place she loved. Although we didn’t know it at the time, a few us were also lucky enough to have been with her the evening before doing what she liked most, sharing stories and having a laugh over a drink or two.

None of us realise quite how much we’ll miss someone until they’re gone. Pauline was always there, an ever-present part of our team. We are going to miss her commitment, humour and friendship more than we can say.

Team members meet to remember team mate Pauline who died whilst on duty at Ten Tors this year
Team members meet to remember Pauline.

A group of team members took time out shortly after her passing at Derriford Hospital was announced, and celebrated her life by walking out to one of her favourite spots on Haytor Down and sharing memories over a flask of tea and a biscuit.

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