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Thursday, 31 December 2009 14:29

Incidents attended in 2009 by volunteers

Callout data 2009

We are in the process of loading our callout data for previous years to when our new website went live in 2012.

Below is the callout summary data for January – July 2009. This is an ongoing project

  • Saturday 10th January  Newton Abbot

Attendance at this incident was to help locate a despondent male.  The team were deployed but did not locate the individual.  He was found the following week by Police in an area outside of that which we had been asked to search.  Regrettably he was deceased when found.

  • Tuesday 20th January  Hennock 

Attendance at this incident was to help locate a despondent female. She was located by Police in the vicinity of her home.  The team were not deployed.

  • Thursday 5th February  Haldon Hill 

Attendance at this incident was requested by the Police to assist stranded motorists on the A38 at Haldon Hill.  Sudden heavy snowfall had rendered the road impassable.  The Team were engaged all night.

  • Monday 9th March  Newton St Cyres 

The Team were called by Okehampton Section to assist in locating a missing male with a heart condition.  All Teams failed to locate the individual who was found the following day by the Police deceased.

  • Wednesday 29 April  Cold East Cross 

Missing person was an adult male known to the Team.  The Team was stood down at approx. 04:00hrs having failed to locate the misper.  He was found by the Police the following morning in the Dartmeet area.

  • Friday 1 May  Princetown 

Missing person was an adult female.  The Team was not deployed as the misper presented herself at a local farm.  One member was engaged in the search helped by the fact he lived at the RV location.

  • Friday 8 May   Torquay 

Missing person was a 7 year-old boy.  The Team were deployed and the misper was located by the first team on the ground within 15 minutes.

  • Saturday/Sunday 9/10 May  Eggesford 

Missing person was a 17 year-old boy with learning difficulties and a mental-age of 4.  After extensive searches involving other MR teams and the Police the misper was sighted by team members and using Police helicopter resources was recovered safe and well.

  • Saturday 30 May   Axminster 

Missing person was located by the Police.  Team stood down was en-route to location.

  • Saturday 11 July  Shipley Bridge 

Missing persons were a group of 5 girls on a Duke of Edinburgh exercise.  The Team were deployed at approx. 23:20 after Plymouth and Tavistock Sections had been searching during the earlier part of the day.  The girls were located safe and well in their tents in the vicinity of Red Lake by a Tavistock hasty team. 

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