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Callouts 2014

Friday, 24 January 2014 10:15

Missing walker lost with no torch, map or compass.

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Missing walker lost with no torch, map or compass.

The second full team callout of the day was issued at 18:25 to search for a female walker who had gone for a walk around the Avon Dam Reservoir on the south moor earlier in the day and become lost.

Our mobile Control Vehicle and team members rendezvoused at Cross Furzes on the Abbots Way and were briefed on the search and individual teams sent out to comb areas where the missing walker was thought likely to be.

A quick find and safe evacuation was made possible by one of our senior team members who having spoken to the casualty on the phone. identified her most likely position thereby allowing the control team to deploy assets to the appropriate area. Our volunteers found the missing lady safe and well at the Heap of Sinners cairn on Huntingdon Warren.

Apart from being a little cold and wet, she was otherwise unharmed by the experience and was walked to our Land Rover and driven off the moor. The lady was extremely grateful for our assistance having gone out on a stroll without a map, compass or torch.

Thanks to all our volunteers who attended and brought the incident to a successful close.

Thanks to our colleagues at Plymouth and a search dog who were put on standby for the callout but were fortunately not required.

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