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DSRT Admin

DSRT Admin

Team Placed on standby in search for missing person

At 15:27 the team was placed on standby to assist with a search for a missing person in the Ivybridge area. Following receipt of further information by Devon and Cornwall Police of the individual’s potential whereabouts, the team was stood down at 16:13.

Friday, 03 January 2014 17:49

Standby due to predicted poor weather

Standby due to predicted poor weather

Immediately following our Newton Abbot callout, our swift water rescue specialists were put on standby to assist the emergency services including Devon and Cornwall Police, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, HM Coastguard and sister Mountain Rescue teams across the peninsula.

A deep low-pressure system

A deep low-pressure system along with saturated ground and high winds and Spring Tides were combining to cause a tidal surge that could cause localised flooding and dangerous high seas along the coast during the early morning of January 3rd. Fortunately, the wind direction and strength changed to lessen the risk and our services were not required. However, further spring tides over the next day or so will mean the heightened alert will continue.

On standby to assist in Barnstaple missing person search

The team were placed on standby today to assist Exmoor MRT with a missing person search in the Barnstaple area.

At this stage of the missing person enquiry our services are not required and we have been stood down for the time being.

Police are asking for the public’s help to locate a 55-year-old man missing from his home in Barnstaple.

Officers are concerned for the welfare of Christopher Barrow who left his Swimbridge home around 1.30pm on Monday 10 February.

He disappeared on foot with his pet dog, a long-haired dark-coloured lurcher.

Police units have been conducting searches across the Barnstaple area for Mr Barrow since yesterday afternoon. The police helicopter and both Dartmoor and Exmoor Rescue Groups are involved in the search as is the Devon Cave Search and Rescue Group.

Officers are urging anyone who sees Mr Barrow or knows of his whereabouts to contact them immediately.

He is described as white, 5ft 10ins tall and of slim build. He is clean shaven and has cropped brown hair. He was last seen wearing a red top, blue jeans, tan-coloured work boots and possibly a green jacket.

Follow up to callout after body found

Christopher Barrow, 55, was found with gunshot wounds after a two-day police search to find him.

A GARDENER and delivery driver from Swimbridge intended to take his own life when he shot himself twice, an inquest heard today (Monday).

Christopher Barrow, 55, of High Cross went missing on February 10 and was found dead by a dog walker at Pugsley Hill Copse near Swimbridge two days later.

The inquest heard Mr Barrow was due to have an appointment with the bank the day he disappeared as he was facing a possible redundancy.

His wife Gail Barrow discovered he was missing at around 2.30pm and upon finding a note called the police, resulting in a widespread search of the area.

Mr Barrow was found on the morning of February 12 with gunshot wounds to the chest and head, the latter of which was fatal, a post mortem concluded.

Karen Perrett, who attended the inquest, said in a statement Mr Barrow was 'always smiling and was very polite, but always a bit reserved'.

Coroner Elizabeth Earland concluded although Mr Barrow appeared to have drunk some alcohol before his death, he had intended the consequences of his actions.

She recorded a verdict of suicide.

Thursday, 17 January 2013 17:45

Team on standby due to expected snow storm

Team on standby due to expected snow storm

The team has been placed on heightened alert for possible callouts relating to the snow tonight 17th January. If you are out overnight take care and be prepared taking spare warm clothes, food and hot drinks with adequate waterproofs and boots should the conditions deteriorate. Keep a sleeping bag in the boot of the car just in case is always a good idea, along with a spade.

Keep up to date with the weather conditions at

Advice for driving in winter is available on the AA website.

Standby – Due to adverse weather conditions

Our volunteers are on heightened alert for a possible callout should the weather conditions deteriorate further with significant and disruptive snowfall.

This could include callouts as part of a coordinated response should the Haldon Hill emergency plan come into effect involving the emergency services and other full-time and volunteer organisations including ourselves.

 Keep up to date

You can keep up to date with the weather conditions using various weather widgets, webcams and weather stations that we have brought together on our website weather pages under the Advice section.

Monday, 17 December 2018 08:26

Haldon Forest callout for high risk female

Callout 33/2018 - Haldon Forest 23:57 16th December 2018

We were called just before midnight on Sunday 16th December by Devon and Cornwall Police to help in the search for a 'high risk' vulnerable female who was believed to be in the Haldon Forest area on Haldon Hill just outside Exeter.

Team vehicles had been organised and team volunteers were just beginning to arrive at the rendezvous when we were stood down as the misper had been found by Devon and Cornwall Police officers.

Monday, 10 December 2018 21:35

East Devon search for missing young person

East Devon search for missing young person

Callout 32/2018 - Newton Poppleford / Tipton St John. 18:43 10th December 2018

The team were called at 18:43 to search for a high risk juvenile missing person who had been missing since the early hours in the Tipton St John / Newton Poppleford area of East Devon.

Our Control Vehicle DART02 on scene at the callout in East Devon

The misper was located by a search team en route to their search area at approximately 20:00. The young person was brought back to control, warmed up and assessed before being escorted home safe and well with their mother.

A good outcome so close to Christmas.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018 08:25

Search at Dartmouth following crash

Search at Dartmouth following crash

Callout 31/2018 - Dartmouth. 13:32 27th November 2018

CALLOUT: Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton volunteers were called out today at 1332 to search for a high risk missing male in the Dartmouth area, who may have been injured after a road accident.

Teams deployed to search identified areas until stand down at 1714 with no sign of the individual we were looking for.

Sometimes it’s all about using any assets available to us to best search an area. So thank you to Dartmouth Gold Club for lending some of our team members your golf buggies. They sped up the search no end and saved a few extra miles in the legs. This lot also wish to be known as Team Dart 23 Mechanised from now on...

Search and rescue gold buggies thanks to Dartmouth Golf Course 

Injured motorcyclist stranded in difficult to access location

Callout 30/2018 - Manaton. 14:37 26th November 2018

The team were called at 1437 today to assist the South Western Ambulance Trust with the extraction of an injured motorcyclist from a difficult to access location.

Whilst the team were en route a nearby forestry worker transported the casualty in their pickup truck to the ambulance and the team were stood down.

Teenage boys rescued wet and cold from south Dartmoor

Callout 29/2018 - Redlake. 16:11 24th November 2018

At 16:11 today Dartmoor Search and Rescue were called out to rescue four teenage boys from near Red Lake Dartmoor. The boys all from the south east of England, had previously walked in the Surrey Hills and the New Forrest and came to Dartmoor looking for a challenge.

20km kilometres into a 30km walk they became lost, then darkness fell. The boys were lucky be on a part of Dartmoor where they could use their mobile phones. SARLOC technology was used by the police to obtain their location and the rescue team were called.

Their location was just north of Redlake ford and fortunately for them, close to the Puffing Billy Track, a track along which Landrovers could be driven.

Two rescue team Landrovers, along with Landrovers from Dartmoor Search and Rescue Plymouth,  were dispatched and a foot team then sent to collect them from their location. They were fit and well but very cold and very wet. After receiving hot drinks and food they were then escorted to the Landrovers for the drive back to their car.

Ian Lowcock, DSRT Ashburton Search Manager, said: “With the wind and rain it would have been a difficult night for a prolonged search but knowing their location meant we could get to them quickly. They had set themselves a challenging walk on Dartmoor but had not anticipated the difficulties of navigating on Dartmoor.”

Search for pensioner centred at Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary

Callout 28/2018 - Weston / Donkey Sanctuary Sidmouth. 20:30 30th October 2018

The team were called last night by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist with a search for a male in his 70s who had gone missing earlier in the day giving cause for concern.

Dartmoor Rescue volunteers waiting to be deployed at the Donkey Sanctuary near Sidmouth on a callout for a missing elderly male

The search was entered around the Donkey Sanctuary / Weston area to the East of Sidmouth, where the gentleman’s car was found and down to the coast. Multiple agencies were involved including Police officers, a Police National Air Service helicopter, Sidmouth Lifeboat, Beer Coastguard Rescue Team, a Coastguard Rescue helicopter and a Devon and Cornwall Police search dog 

The search was stood-down in the early hours due to the difficult terrain and resumed in daylight this morning.

Thanks to a member of the public our volunteers located evidence that has significantly narrowed the search area, but due to the difficult terrain, the search was postponed until daylight this morning.

CALLOUT UPDATE 31st October:  

We are very sad to report that a body has been located by Coastguard rescue teams today.  

The Coastguard along with the Police search manager and staff from the Donkey Sanctuary with local knowledge, working in very difficult terrain, discovered the body of the missing person at the base of Dunscombe Cliffs in dense undergrowth in the area identified by our search teams last night.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the gentleman as this very sad and difficult time.

Teenager sustains multiple injuries in fall at Chudleigh Rocks

Callout 27/2018 - Chudleigh Rocks. 14:50 28th October 2018

The team were called out this afternoon as part of a joint rescue operation at Chudleigh Rocks. 

Polcie ambulance BASICS Devon and Dartmoor Rescue members wait for the air ambulance to take off transporting the injured teenager to hospital.

The alarm had been raised after a teenager had fallen from a substantial height at the rocks which is a popular location for climbers. 

Team members worked alongside Devon & Cornwall Police, BASICS Devon volunteer doctors and SW ambulance personnel to treat and evacuate the casualty to the waiting Devon Air Ambulance helicopter for transport to a hospital. 

One of our team volunteers on site said: "The casualty was incredibly lucky to have survived the fall from the rock. The rock is in close proximity to a large number of small trees and we think it was the trees that broke the fall and prevented more serious injury."

"The ground surrounding the rocks is lose and slippery in places, and considerable care was needed to make sure the patient was transported safely by stretcher to the helicopter. All the agencies involved worked seamlessly together to make sure the patient was given the best chance of a good recovery."

The casualty sustained multiple injuries in the fall.

"The initial clinical assessment was that although serious, the injuries weren't thought to be life-threatening and the casualty was conscious when transported by stretcher to the helicopter.  This will obviously be updated once a more detailed examination in hospital is undertaken."

Team leader Keith Lambeth said: "Just two weeks ago the team undertook a joint training exercise with the BASICS Devon volunteer Doctors at Haytor in preparation for incidents such as this. The seamless team working shown by all the agencies on site today showed that joint training is of utmost importance in making sure casualties are given the best chance.. We wish the teenager all good wishes for a full and speedy recovery."


Elderly male with dementia goes missing in Decoy Park

Callout 26/2018 - Newton Abbot. 12:47 5th October 2018

Dartmoor Search and Rescue volunteers deployed on a search for a missing person in an urban area

Dartmoor Search and Rescue volunteers were called out early on Friday afternoon to search for a missing person with dementia who had gone missing in Decoy Park, Newton Abbot.

Fortunately, the elderly gentleman was spotted by team members on their way to the rendezvous and was returned to his family.

A good outcome for all concerned.

Walkers unprepared for rapid deterioration in Dartmoor weather

Callout 25/2018 - Redlake. 08:46 11th September 2018

At 08:46 on Tuesday morning, the team received a request for help from 2 stranded walkers in the Redlake area of the south moor.

A father and daughter had left for a camping trip on the Monday. Overnight the weather deteriorated with rain and both the visibility and the temperature dropping. Becoming cold and disorientated they called for help.

We were in mobile phone contact with the walkers and managed to pinpoint their location using SAR-loc. Instructing them to stay where they were, we sent our 2 Landrover ambulances up the puffing billy track to locate and evacuate them.

They were located by our Landrover on the track to the south of Redlake, very cold, sitting on their camping mats and sheltering using their tent flysheet as a makeshift shelter.

We escorted them off the moor to a member's house where they had a hot drink and warmed up before they were returned to their car at Shipley bridge.

Our duty Search manager Dave Underhill said:

'They were caught out by the change in the weather which deteriorated overnight. Conditions were very different on the Monday morning from when they set out meaning their summer clothing was inadequate in keeping them warm. The poor visibility added to the problem and they did the right thing in calling for help and staying put so we could pick them up.'

'We are sure they have learnt a valuable lesson and we hope will continue to enjoy the moor in the future better prepared for Dartmoor's notorious reputation for rapid changes in the weather.'

Missing ladies with dementia spark searches in Exeter and Paignton

Callout 23/2018 - Exeter. 21:57 16th July 2018

Dartmoor Rescue were called out just before 10 pm last night to assist Devon and Cornwall Police with the search for an elderly lady with severe dementia missing in Exeter.

She wandered out of her care centre and we were called to search the open grassy and parkland areas in the vicinity. On arrival, we received notification of possible sightings well outside of the planned search areas and a team was deployed into the Exwick area. After approx two hours the Police received a call informing them that a confused lady had knocked on the door of a residential property and the family asked her in and alerted the Police. The team were stood down and all ended well.

The team were stood down just before midnight.

Callout 24/2018 - Paignton. 13:41 9th August 2018

A second callout for an elderly lady with advanced dementia, this time in Paignton.

Devon and Cornwall Police resources were stretched Policing the Boardmasters event in Newquay and required our help to locate the lady who was missing from her home address. She was last seen by her husband in their back garden at 10:30hrs The team was requested to RV at the Clennon Valley Leisure centre and to search the large wooded and open areas in Clennon Valley. 

Fortunately, she was located by Devon and Cornwall P{olice, believed to be safe and well, whilst we were on our way to the RV and the team were stood down.

Standby 4/2018 - Shipley Bridge. 12:55 13th August 2018

The team were called at 12:55 and put on standby. A missing person called Police having 'turned right at the Avon Dam and lost the path'.

Police deployed a helicopter. and we deployed our former Team Leader Rob. The missing person wisely gave up and called the Police and stated that they had found themselves. This was a good thing and the team were taken off stand by.   




Railway focus for Kingskerswell missing person search

Callout 22/2018 - KIngskerswell / Torquay. 17:30 11th July 2018

Dartmoor Search and Rescue were called at approx 17:30hrs to assist Devon and Cornwall Police in the search for a missing male in the Torquay/Kingskerswell area.

With the assistance of Network Rail safety personnel, foot teams searched the embankments and farmland alongside the Torquay to Newton Abbot railway line. The teams were stood down at 22:30hrs as all relevant areas had been searched.

The Police investigation is continuing. 

Cries for help cause alarm at Becka Brook

Callout 20 and 21 / 2018 - 8th JULY 2018

It was a busy weekend for our team and dart2ZERO volunteers.

After spending most of the weekend fundraising at the quite amazing Historic Vehicle Gathering at Powderham Castle, we had to leave early on Sunday to respond to a missing walker callout at 3:45 pm.

Callout 20/2018 - Redlake, Dartmoor. 15:45 8th July 2018

The walker and their companion were camping in Dartmoor National Park for the weekend. Having run out of water on the Saturday, and not trusting the water quality near their campsite at Redlake, they left to find water on the Sunday morning and became separated and the alarm was raised.

Team members deployed to Avon Dam Reservoir and by Landrover to Redlake along with Devon and Cornwall Police to begin a search. A National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter was also used in the search.

Police and Dartmoor Rescue Landrovers looking for a missing walker at Redlake

Shortly after we were deployed one of our foot teams heading out from Avon Dam located the walker who was dehydrated but otherwise fit and well.

Shortly after, as team vehicles and members returned home, we were called again by Devon and Cornwall Police after walkers reported hearing a call for help from below Smallacombe Rocks near the Becka Brook between Haytor and Houndtor. 

Callout 20/2018 - Becka Brook, Dartmoor. 19:24 8th July 2018

The woods below Smallacombe Rocks are thick with bracken and trees and difficult to search

Although the walkers couldn’t see the individual, as the calls were coming from the dense area of bracken and woods in the valley, the person requiring help reported being able to see them and was in need of assistance and sounded very weak.

Foot teams searched the valley between Greator Rocks and Smallacombe Rocks until a just after 10 pm with no further contact from the individual. NPAS was again engaged along with a Devon and Cornwall Police search dog and handler.

A second group of walkers reported to us they had given water to somebody who could have been the person we were looking for walking out just before we started searching. However, without any firm confirmation, we needed to search the area thoroughly just in case.

 The sun setting behind Houndtor as our volunteers look for a walker reported in difficulty

Having covered all likely search areas, we were stood down around 11 pm and returned home after a spending most of the weekend on team duties. 

All part of being a volunteer in a professional search and rescue team.

Search mounted for despondent female in Axminster

Callout 18 and 19 / 2018 - 24th - 27th  June 2018

Standby - Axminster 00:19 25th June 2018

The team was called early on the 25th June by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist with a high-risk female despondent from the Axminster area. Following a conversation with the Police  Lost Person Search Manager (LPSM) it was decided to put the team on standby pending the results of National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter and air scenting search dog deployments. The team was stood down approx 01:05 having received a message that the misper had been located at a Taunton hospital.

Near Miss - Exeter - 25 June 2018:

Shortly before the stand down on the Axminster incident above, the team duty Search Manager was made aware of a second high risk missing person in the Exeter area. The decision was taken not to place the team on standby pending the results of Police activities that were already underway. The incident was resolved without necessitating involvement from ourselves.

Callout - Yarner Wood, Bovey Tracey 17:10 26th June 2018  

The team was called around 17:10 to assist South Western Ambulance Service in evacuating a casualty with a lower-leg injury. While the team were assembling at the rendevous from where the operation was based, we were stood down as the casualty had been successfully transported to a Land Ambulance by the ambulance crew on scene

Callout -  Looe, West Cornwall 05:03 27th June 2018

The team were called to assist Devon & Cornwall Police with a sensitive search for a missing person in Cornwall.  This ended up being a multi-agency incident involving our colleagues in Cornwall, Plymouth and Tavistock over a period of many hours. The missing person turned up north of our search area later that afternoon. 

Dartmooor Rescue searching a field for a missing person near Looe, Cornwall

Lady breaks ankle on walk in Lustleigh Cleave

Callout 17 / 2018 - 19:01  11th June 2018

The team was called earlier this evening to assist the South Western Ambulance Trust with the evacuation of a lady with a suspected broken ankle.

Dart62 Landrover ambulance at Lustleigh church

The lady had tripped injuring her ankle whilst walking with her husband in Lustleigh Cleave on a path just below Sharpitor. Unable to carry on the ambulance service were called who requested our help with the evacuation.

At the time of the initial request from the ambulance service, the exact location of the lady was unknown other than it was thought she was on the Lustleigh side of the Cleave and possible not far from 2 potential access points. Hence we were prepared for a potential search. An update was then given that she was 2 miles along a path that accessed the Cleave from Hammerslake.

As it turned out the lady was just under 600m into the Cleave from Hammerslake and we found her within 20 minutes of our first team being deployed. 

ambulance carry

The Paramedics had already splinted her ankle and administered painkillers and were ready for our evacuation. 10 minutes after our first team were at the casualty site, a second team arrived with our stretcher ready to begin the evacuation, closely followed by a third to assist with the stretcher carry back to the ambulance.

The transfer back to the land ambulance was a bit tight in places and required careful handling of the stretcher to make sure the patient was kept as comfortable as possible. On reaching the road, the lady was transferred to the waiting land ambulance for onward transfer to Torbay Hospital.

Dartmoor Rescue handing over a lady with a broken ankle to the ambulance at Lustleigh Cleeve.

Our duty team search manager said:

'I am very grateful to the team members who responded to this call for assistance from the ambulance service. From beginning the initial search to transferring the lady to the ambulance was less than an hour. I am very proud of the efficient and caring way the team worked in ensuring the lady was kept as comfortable as possible on a route that was very difficult in places.  We send our very good wishes to the lady for a speedy recovery and hope she is back exploring the beautiful Devon Countryside again very soon.'


The beauty of Dartmoor catches out elderly couple

Callout 16 / 2018 - 17:47  6th June 2018

We were called this evening to assist the ambulance service with an elderly couple who were visiting Devon from out of county and had over-stretched themselves on a walk around the Avon Dam Reservoir.

It was a beautiful day on Dartmoor and the couple had set out to see the display of Rhododendrons in bloom on the road to the Avon Dam Reservoir which are stunning at the moment. Those who love the moor as we do will understand she can be a bit of a temptress at times, as you turn a corner, or climb a rise, the next stunning view tempts you further encouraging you to explore.

Today was such a day and the couple reached the dam and decided to walk further on a sunny Dartmoor afternoon. Unfortunately, the route is longer than they estimated and they soon realised they had bitten off more than they could chose and were in difficulty and rightly raised the alarm.

The ambulance service was called as a precaution against any medical events occurring and Paramedics were sent to their aid. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding regarding their location meant the couple were further on to the moor than they thought and a call was made to us and the Coastguard helicopter based at Newquay, Rescue 924 to assist.

Knowing the moor and access routes as we do, we were able to send team members and our Landrover ambulances to assist. The couple were airlifted by Rescue 924 from Eastern White Barrow back to a waiting Land ambulance who assessed them before they returned to their vehicle.

Team members then escorted the paramedics back to their vehicles and we were stood down..

Whilst this was going on, on what was a regular weekly training night for the team, other team members not involved with the callout continued the planned rope training exercise at Leigh Tor.

Team members deploying and using steep ground safety lines


Monday, 04 June 2018 09:01

Exeter teenager found by Police

Exeter teenager found by Police

Callout 15 / 2018 - 00:09  3rd June 2018

 The team were called out at 0009 on Sunday 3rd June to search for a vulnerable missing person in the Heavitree area of Exeter.

Shortly afterwards, the team were stood down whilst our volunteers were en route as the missing person was located by Devon and Cornwall Police.

We hope the individual gets the care they need and get on the road to recovery.

Cause for concern for missing Exeter teenager

Callout 14 / 2018 - 02:58  26th May 2018

14 team members were called out shortly before 03:00 this morning to search for a missing 13-year-old in Exeter.

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton Landrover at the Exeter callout this morning

We were fortunate to have the support of 7 colleagues from North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team and a search dog from SARDA.

Several areas of park, farm and woodland were searched. The teams were completing final areas when the missing person was located outside our search area.

A happy outcome and an early start to the holiday weekend for our volunteers.

Team members checking search maps in advance of the search in Exeter

Urban search in Paignton for missing male

Callout 13 / 2018 - 19:07  22nd April 2018

In the early evening of Sunday, Devon and Cornwall Police investigating the reported disappearance of a middle-aged male, requested the team to search areas in and around the Foxhole area of Paignton.

Members were engaged in searches through parkland and woods in and around the area until they were stood down at 22:24. Further Police investigations had found the male was safe and well and outside our search area. 

Mountain rescuers involved in search in Exeter

Callout 10 / 2018 - 18:31  14th March 2018

Rescuers search for vulnerable missing person in Exeter City Centre

Photo: Devonlive

The team were deployed searching open areas and watercourses in Exeter yesterday evening searching for a 50 year old vulnerable male. 

Working alongside colleagues from North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service urban search and rescue team, the team were initially deployed to search areas of the River Exe in and around Cowley Bridge and along the Exe valley towards Uption Pyne. Following further intelligence gained by the Police we were relocated to the city centre based from the Waitrose store in Gladstone Road.

The missing person was not located during our phase of the search which was undertaken in very wet weather.   The good news is however that he was located around midnight by Police and a family member after making a call to his family. He was wet but otherwise unharmed.

Saturday, 03 March 2018 15:55

Haldon Hill snow major incident deployment

Callouts 7, 8 and 9 of 2018.

CALLOUT 07 / 2018 - 28th February - 3rd March 2018

Members keeping traffic moving near Chudleigh

'Storm Emma' and the 'Beast from the East' weather events caused a Met office Red Warning to be issued for a majority of the County of Devon and the southwest this week. As one of the agencies that form part of the Haldon Hill Emergency Snow Plan' along with the ful-time emergency services, Devon County Council and the Highways Agency, we were placed on heightened alert for the duration of the expected disruption.

Following major incidents in 2009 and 2010 that caused 100's of motorists to be stranded on Haldon and Telegraph Hills, lessons had been learnt and all agencies were very well prepared for the expected snow and blizzards that arrived this time around. The A38 especially is a major artery into the southwest and every effort would, and indeed was, made to keep the road clear.

Our Search Managers were actively involved in planning meetings leading up to Thursday and in preparation, our Incident Control Vehicle was taken to Kennford on Wednesday in advance of the expected bad weather on the Thursday afternoon. Our team volunteers were on heightened alert and were deployed to 3 different rendezvous (RV's), at strategic points on the West and East side of the hill at noon on Thursday ready to be deployed where needed to keep the A38 flowing. Very quickly the weather deteriorated as forecast and 2 teams were deployed to the Haldon Forest Diner at the top of Haldon Hill around 2pm.

Almost to the minute, the weather deteriorated rapidly at 3pm as forecast and problems very quickly began to occur. Haldon and Telegraph Hills rise rapidly to their apex and it's this rise that causes the issues with traffic in snow conditions.

The emergency services closed the A380 Torbay Road quickly after the snowstorm began as planned so that all efforts could be focused on the A38. Shortly after, lorries and cars started to experience traction problems climbing the hill and congestion started to form. In the 2009/10 events the gritters and snowploughs couldn't get through to clear the road as their progress was blocked by stranded vehicles. This time the emergency services released traffic in batches and, apart from a few issues, managed to keep the gritters and snowploughs running for most of the time which minimised the number of stranded vehicles.

Stranded traffic on the A38 at Haldon Hill, Exeter

Our role in the plan is primarily to undertake welfare checks on stranded motorists and make sure any medical events are highlighted for treatment and hypothermia is avoided. We also kept an eye on any abandoned vehicles to keep track on anybody who had decided to leave their vehicles and make sure they were safe.

As darkness fell limited traffic was still able to traverse the hill with considerable care although many vehicles did experience issues. From our base at Kennford and Haldon Forest Diner, our Landrovers were able to ferry team members to wherever they were needed to facilitate rescues alongside the Fire Service to help get stranded vehicles moving that were causing obstructions to traffic flow. 

One particular area for problems was the westside of the hill on the Westbound carriageway heading down towards Chudleigh. Members and the Fire Service helped to get things moving again and the road was kept open.

Eastbound there were also problems from the Teign Valley/Chudleigh Knighton junction towards Harcombe bends on the hill which also proved a problem for HGV's with at least one jack-knifing.

Around 1am members were finally told to stand down and they faced their own challenge of getting back to their homes safely.

On Friday, members were then again deployed to help the Ambulance service with reaching patients in rural difficult to access areas before finally being stood down in the early evening.

Saturday began the task of getting team vehicles and equipment back to our base, equipment repacked and readied for the next callout,  and members reunited with their vehicles.

Our Team Leader 'Keith Lambeth' wrote the following message to members, family, friends and supporters of the team about our deployment. 

"It's been a long few days with team members being deployed in some cases from midnight on Tuesday through to today. Our main efforts have been welfare and safety checks on Haldon (as well as other tasks to keep traffic moving). Followed by a day of assisting SWAST with accessing emergencies in remote areas and team doctors assessing cases to reduce the burden on ambulance and hospital services."

"I have three thank-you's to pass on. 
Firstly Thank you to all of the team members who have answered every request made of them with cheerfulness and resilience. I am prouder than ever to be a member of this team and my colleagues constantly set a standard that I aspire to, even when communication isn't clear and conditions are poor their patience and stamina are awesome."

"Secondly Thank you to our Families and friends who make it possible for us to walk away from our lives to do this and then appear hours later for baths and showers! Our supporters in Dart2Zero who underpin all we do. Over the last three days, we simply couldn't have operated without the hospitality of Haldon Forest Diner, The Dartmoor Lodge and Moorgate veterinary practice thank you too!"

A very big thank you to Haldon Forest Diner for letting us use their premises as a base for our volunteers

"Lastly and maybe most importantly thank you to everyone who made sacrifices and stayed off the roads when asked this week (yes, I know not everyone could)."

"The work hasn't finished for us just yet and today we are reuniting members with their cars, checking, cleaning drying and recharging equipment and then we will be looking for some quality time with families. Providng the phone doesn't ring..."

"Thank you all for support and kindness."

CALLOUT 08 / 2018 - 2nd March 2018

The team were deployed on Friday 2nd March to assist SWAST during the extreme weather conditions affecting the Southwest.  13 members were involved in assisting SWAST with 4x4 vehicle access in hard-to-reach areas around our patch for medical issues.  One 85yr old gentleman was assessed and evacuated to RD&E; another 86yr old female was assessed and stabilised without having to seek hospital treatment by a team Doctor

Over the 1st and 2nd March, 40 members were involved in the snow incident.

CALLOUT 09 / 2018 - 12:32 4th March 2018

The team were called to assist an overdue kayaker at Newbridge on Sun afternoon the 4th March. The kayaker had come out of their boat whilst descending the upper Dart. Members started to head towards the RV at Beltor Corner to deploy into the Upper Dart Valley and begin a search. Within 15mins of the callout being initiated the kayaker phoned to say that they were safe and well having walked out and the team were stood down.

Thursday, 15 February 2018 20:46

Body of missing male found in search

Body of missing male found in search

Callout 06 / 2018 - 12:24  15th February 2018

At lunchtime today our team, backed by our colleagues at North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team, were called out to assist Devon & Cornwall Police with a missing person search at Longdown on the outskirts of Exeter.

Ashburton swift water rescue specialists searching for a missing male outside Exeter

The missing male, a student at University of Exeter, was last seen in the early hours of Tuesday morning at an Exeter nightclub, and Police had become increasingly concerned as his disappearance was out of character.

Around 3:30pm this afternoon, a team of our swift water rescue specialists discovered the body of a young man within our search area.

Formal identification has yet to take place but the family of the missing person have been informed.

We are all deeply saddened by the outcome of this search and send our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the young man at this very difficult time.

A vulnerable teenager goes missing near Exeter

Callout 05 / 2018 - 23:02  29th January 2018

Devon and Cornwall Police requested assistance from the team in the search for a missing vulnerable teenager to the south east of Exeter. Shortly after the callout was issued and members were travelling to the rendezvous, the team was stood down as the teenager had been found by a Police dog.


Walkers rescued who become disorientated on Dartmoor

Callout 04 / 2018 - 18:24  23rd January 2018

A team callout was raised at 18:24 after Devon and Cornwall Police had received a call from 2 adult walkers who had become disorientated on a walk in the Haytor area of Dartmoor.

Members began arriving at the rendezvous at the Haytor Rocks top car park shortly afterwards and the first 3 to arrive were tasked to their suspected location which was either Holwell Tor or Smallacombe Rocks.

The small team walked out towards Holwell Tor along the granite railway and soon saw the missing adults signalling to us with their torches. They were fit and well and had just lost their bearing after the mist had closed in shortly before nightfall. Rather than wander aimlessly they had made the correct decision to stay put and seek help.

Properly equipped

They were properly equipped for the conditions and having torches in their packs 'just in case' certainly made our job a lot easier and enabled us to find them less than an hour after the callout was raised.

In these sort of scenarios where the people we are looking for have a smartphone and are in an area of mobile coverage, we can use a tool called 'SARloc' that sends an SMS text message to their mobile phone with a link. Clicking the link will send us a text message back which includes the Ordnance Survey grid reference of where they are. In this case, our search team had found them so quickly that before our control vehicle had been set up and the text message could be sent, our members were already walking them back to the car park.

A good result that just highlights the importance of carrying a torch with you on the hill 'just in case'.



Missing person found after social media appeal.

Callout 02 / 2018 - 18:20  8th January 2018

Our team of volunteers were called out at 18:20 on the 8th January to search areas around Buckfastleigh, including the deployment of our water team specialists to search the River Dart to the south of Buckfastleigh. Teams were deployed along various stretches of the River Dart starting from the Salmon Leap weir near the Dart Bridge pub south towards Totnes, and in the Staverton area.

All team personnel were stood down around 23:00 after completing our search taskings with no further sight of the missing 49-year-old male. The intention being that we would hand over to Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue personnel for a daytime search on the Tuesday.

Dartmoor search and rescue water team specialists after being deployed on the River Dart near Buckfastleigh

UPDATE Tuesday 9th January: 

A man who went missing from the Ashburton area has been found after presenting himself to Torbay Hospital earlier today and is now being supported by Police officers and medical professionals.

A team spokesman said: 'We hope the man receives the care he needs and makes a speedy recovery.'

Lost poorly equipped lone walker found hypothermic on Dartmoor

Callout 03 / 2018 - 02:55  23rd January 2018

Shortly before 03:00 this morning, the team was called out to search for a missing lone female walker on the south of Dartmoor. 

The walker had been out the day before and was believed to have been geocaching. She raised the alarm by calling the Police from her mobile around midnight, indicating she was lost wet and cold,  who then asked us to respond. 

Dartmoor Search and Rescue landrover drops off a search team at Avon Dam reservoir at night in search for lone walker

Unfortunately, our conversation with the woman in her 20's was cut short as her mobile phone battery went dead. From the brief phone call we established that she was likely to be at 'Heap of SInners' on Huntingdon Warren.

Teams deployed from Shipley Bridge

Two field teams were deployed from Shipley Bridge in driving rain and squally winds tasked with searching the Huntingdon Warren area north of the Avon Dam Reservoir. Around 05:20 she was located at the Heap of Sinners, scared, wet through, mildly hypothermic and very relieved to see us. She was placed in our storm shelter, given some dry warm clothing and hot drink before she was walked off the moor to Ludgate.

Dartmoor Rescue Ashburton searchers and their search torches looking for lone hyperthermic walker at Huntingdon Warren

We are quite confident that the young lady from Hertfordshire has learnt a valuable lesson from her ordeal. She had no map or compass, no spare clothing, was dressed in jeans which were totally inadequate for both the terrain and weather conditions and certainly contributed to her situation and mild hypothermia. When walking on Dartmoor, you need to be properly protected against the weather conditions, not rely on electronic devices to find your way and have some spare clothing should things go wrong. She was very lucky we found her when we did as her condition was deteriorating in the poor weather.

Having handed over the young lady to the Police to return her to her car, our volunteers were stood down around 07:00 am and headed home to prepare for a day at work.

Our duty Search Manager Dave Underhill, talked to BBC Radio Devon about the incident and being properly equipped for activities on Dartmoor.




Biggest search in recent years centres around Ivybridge

Callout 01 / 2018 - 08:00  6th January 2018

We've been part of one of the biggest searches conducted in recent years all day today looking for a missing male from Ivybridge.

The largest Devon and Cornwall Police search for a missing person in recent years conducted on Dartmoor to the north of Ivybridge. Our volunteers at our control vehicle ready for deployment.

Multiple agencies were involved including:

- Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton,
- Devon & Cornwall Police, 
- Search and Rescue Dog Association (SARDA) dogs, 
- Devon and Cornwall Police dogs
- Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service dogs
- Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team - Plymouth, 
- Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, 
- National Police Air Service helicopter from Exeter, 
- Devon and Cornwall 4x4 
- and more than 100 members of the public.

We arrived on site at 08:00 this morning. Slightly later than planned as our team vehicles assisted with an advanced warning using our blue-lights, and clearing of an accident on the A38 at Rattery caused by a member of the public's vehicle spinning in the icy conditions - we hope she's OK.

Teams searched areas to the north of Ivybridge including Erme Woods and the moor up to the north of Harford Moorgate and Burford Down focusing on wooded areas up until stand down around 4pm this afternoon.

Unfortunately, the man we were searching for remains missing despite a number of unconfirmed sighting of him during the day.

UPDATE - Monday 8th January: Following the search on Saturday 6th January, the missing person turned up at a family member's house in East Devon today.




Sunday, 31 December 1989 15:00

Incidents attended 1985 - 1989

Team callouts from 1985 - 1989

Click on the 'Callouts 1985 - 1989' title above to view the callout details.

We are in the process of loading our callout data for previous years to when our new website went live in 2012.
Below is the callout summary data for 1985 – 1989. This is an ongoing project and information will be added as our paper based archives are trawled.

Incidents are listed in the table below.

1980's Incidents

A list of Incidents that the team were called out from 1985 until the end of 1989.

Tuesday, 01 August 2017 15:04

Incidents attended 1990 - 1995

Incidents attended by our volunteers, 1990 - 1995

We are in the process of loading our callout data for previous years to when our new website went live in 2012.

Below is the callout summary data for 1996 – 1999. This is an ongoing project and information will be added as our paper based archives are trawled.

Incidents are listed in the table below

1990 - 95 Incidents

A list of Incidents that the team were called out from January 1990 until the end of 1995.


Friday, 31 December 1999 14:33

Incldents attended 1996 - 1999

Incidents attended 1996 - 1999

We are in the process of loading our callout data for previous years to when our new website went live in 2012.
Below is the callout summary data for 1996 – 1999. This is an ongoing project and information will be added as our paper based archives are trawled.

Incidents are listed in the table below

1996 - 99 Incidents

A list of Incidents that the team were called out from January 1996 until the end of 1999.



Thursday, 31 December 2009 14:29

Incidents attended in 2009 by volunteers

Callout data 2009

We are in the process of loading our callout data for previous years to when our new website went live in 2012.

Below is the callout summary data for January – July 2009. This is an ongoing project

  • Saturday 10th January  Newton Abbot

Attendance at this incident was to help locate a despondent male.  The team were deployed but did not locate the individual.  He was found the following week by Police in an area outside of that which we had been asked to search.  Regrettably he was deceased when found.

  • Tuesday 20th January  Hennock 

Attendance at this incident was to help locate a despondent female. She was located by Police in the vicinity of her home.  The team were not deployed.

  • Thursday 5th February  Haldon Hill 

Attendance at this incident was requested by the Police to assist stranded motorists on the A38 at Haldon Hill.  Sudden heavy snowfall had rendered the road impassable.  The Team were engaged all night.

  • Monday 9th March  Newton St Cyres 

The Team were called by Okehampton Section to assist in locating a missing male with a heart condition.  All Teams failed to locate the individual who was found the following day by the Police deceased.

  • Wednesday 29 April  Cold East Cross 

Missing person was an adult male known to the Team.  The Team was stood down at approx. 04:00hrs having failed to locate the misper.  He was found by the Police the following morning in the Dartmeet area.

  • Friday 1 May  Princetown 

Missing person was an adult female.  The Team was not deployed as the misper presented herself at a local farm.  One member was engaged in the search helped by the fact he lived at the RV location.

  • Friday 8 May   Torquay 

Missing person was a 7 year-old boy.  The Team were deployed and the misper was located by the first team on the ground within 15 minutes.

  • Saturday/Sunday 9/10 May  Eggesford 

Missing person was a 17 year-old boy with learning difficulties and a mental-age of 4.  After extensive searches involving other MR teams and the Police the misper was sighted by team members and using Police helicopter resources was recovered safe and well.

  • Saturday 30 May   Axminster 

Missing person was located by the Police.  Team stood down was en-route to location.

  • Saturday 11 July  Shipley Bridge 

Missing persons were a group of 5 girls on a Duke of Edinburgh exercise.  The Team were deployed at approx. 23:20 after Plymouth and Tavistock Sections had been searching during the earlier part of the day.  The girls were located safe and well in their tents in the vicinity of Red Lake by a Tavistock hasty team. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011 11:07

Search for missing elderly man in Galmpton

Search for missing elderly man in Galmpton

The team were called at 23:00 to search for a missing elderly man in the Galmpton area of South Devon. Team members searched throughout the night in gale force winds before handing over to Plymouth colleagues to continue the search. The gentleman was found by a dog team from SARDA SW and was unfortunately deceased.

Our condolances are with the family.

Press reports

A report from dated Thursday December 22nd reported on the event as follows:

“AN extensive search and rescue operation for a missing Kingsbridge man was called off after his body was found at an isolated spot near his home.

Police grew concerned for the welfare of 86-year-old Alzheimer’s sufferer Bernard Swann who had been missing for several days from home in the Coombe Park area of Galmpton, near Kingsbridge.

The police helicopter, coastguards and the Dartmoor Rescue Group were involved in an extensive search of the Kingsbridge area and coast.

The two-day search was called off on Friday, December 16, after the body of Mr Swann, who was not able to walk long distances, was found near his home.

Next of kin were informed and police were awaiting formal identification.”

Monday, 26 December 2011 11:06

Vulnerable male missing in Ashton

Vulnerable male missing in Ashton

Team called out to a missing person in the Lower Ashton area of Haldon Forest in the Teign Valley. Missing person located with assistance of helicopter and taken to hospital.

2011 Incident Archive

An archive on the incidents that the team were called to during 2011

This post includes a table of all the callouts the team responded to in 2011

2011 Incidents (23 callouts)

A list of Incidents that the team were called out to during 2011

Incident Location Date Details
Hillhead Farm 05/01/2011  
Teignmouth 01/03/2011  
Cullompton 09/04/2011  
Bel Tor 23/04/2011  
Saltram House, Plymouth 09/05/2011 Assistance to DSRt Plymouth with missing vulnerable female
Fernworthy 28/05/2011 Missing partygoer, found deceased a few weeks later
Haytor 24/06/2011  
Dartington 24/06/2011 Missing 13 year old boy found in South Brent shortly after callout initiated
Brimpts Farm 19/07/2011  
Kenton 19/07/2011 Missing vulnerable female
Harford 25/07/2011 Missing elderly walker who eventually turned up at Princetown
Dartmouth 12/08/2011  
Kingswear 23/08/2011 Missing depressed alcoholic male, turned up at Dartmouth Hospital
Woolacombe 30/09/2011 Assist Okehampton and Exmoor SaR teams for elderly tourist with dimentia. Found deceased much later on
Chudleigh 01/10/2011  
Dartmoor 02/10/2011  
Hound Tor 04/10/2011 Missing dog walker?
Chudleigh 06/11/2011 Missing person showed up shortly after callout initiated
Hound Tor 13/11/2011 Missing dog walker
Powderham 02/12/2011  
Galmpton, Hope Cove 14/12/2011 Missing elderly male with dimentia. Found deceased by search dog team
Lower Ashton 26/12/2011 Missing young vulnerable make. Located by Seaking helicopter from RAF Chivenor
Saturday, 07 January 2012 13:54

Overdue kayakers cause concern on River Dart

Overdue kayakers cause concern on River Dart

The team were called out this evening to search for a group of overdue canoeists. Fortunately the canoeists were located before the team were deployed in the search area.

Body found following search in Churston Ferrers

Search for a high risk missing person in Churston Ferrers. After an extensive and lengthy overnight search we were stood down. Plymouth and Tavistock teams resumed the search over the weekend. Unfortunately a body was found by Police in Brixham on the Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, 08 February 2012 13:53

Search finds missing person in sea at Salcombe

Search finds missing person in sea at Salcombe

Call out for a high risk missing person in the Salcombe area. We joined forces with the Plymouth Team and despite numerous hours of searching into the night we were unsuccessful in locating the person.

Sadly he was found the following day in the sea. Our condolences go to his relatives.

Saturday, 11 February 2012 13:52

40 year old walker lost near Haytor

40 year old walker lost near Haytor

Callout 40yr old female walker lost in the Haytor area of Dartmoor National Park. The casualty was evacuated by Ambulance before team deployed.

Thursday, 16 February 2012 13:50

Despondent reported in River Ash

Despondent reported in River Ash

Female despondent reported in the River Ash; evacuated by the Fire Service before team deployed. Stood down en route.

Overdue horse riders in Hembury Woods cause concern

Two young female horse-riders overdue in the Hembury Woods area. Found by Police with assistance from the our volunteers.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012 13:47

Missing walker overdue at Postbridge

Missing walker overdue at Postbridge

The team were called out today to search for a missing male walker.

Friday, 13 April 2012 13:46

Missing despondent Totnes

Missing despondent Totnes

The team were called out to search for a missing female despondent.

Monday, 16 April 2012 13:45

Missing despondent in Exeter

Missing despondent in Exeter

The team were called out today to search for a female despondent in Exeter

Saturday, 05 May 2012 13:39

Climber injured in fall from Houndtor

Climber injured in fall from Houndtor

The team was called out today to assist the Air Ambulance in the evacuation of a male climber who had fallen from the tor and sustained multiple serious injuries. The casualty was evacuated to the Devon Air Ambulance by our team members and airlifted to hospital.

We hope he makes a speedy recovery.

Saturday, 30 June 2012 13:35

Female walker injures ankle near Haytor

Female walker injures ankle near Haytor

The team were called out today to evacuate a female walker with an ankle injury from Haytor.

Flood water causes evacuation in Yealmpton

Callout – Team called out to assist with the evacuation of residents at Yealmpton due to high levels of floodwater. Following this initial callout we received a second call to Exeter where it was reported that somebody had fallen in the River Exe.

Despite extensive searching that included the find of some clothing that may or may not have been linked, the team was stood down in the late afternoon with no further information forthcoming. It was suspected that the person in the water could have been mistaken as river debris such as a partially submerged log.

Volunteer monitoring Trews Weir on the River Exe

Dartmoor rescue volunteers monitoring a flooded River Exe at Trews Weir.

Report of person in difficulty in the River Exe

209012 10150947268472545 351964983 n 300x225

Callout. Team called out to assist with search around Exeter Quay following reports of somebody being spotted in difficulty in the River Exe.

336078 10151008028419588 761562204 o

Team search banks for 4 hours, and were stood down around 3PM. Call, although with good intention, was probably a false alarm with no persons reported missing or found.

Walker with ankle injury rescued from Redlake

The team were called out today to evacuate a female walker with an ankle injury from Redlake on the south of Dartmoor National Park.

The team Land Rover was able to reach the walker and evacuate her safely.

Evacuation of unconscious casualty from Sittaford Moorgate

Callout Team called to assist the North Dartmoor team with an unconscious casualty at Sittaford Moor Gate.

The Devon Air ambulance evacuated and the team were stood down.

Male with head injury evacuated from Spitchwick

Callout to Spitchwick to assist South West Ambulance Trust with evacuation of a male with a head injury

Friday, 03 August 2012 13:19

Scouts reported missing on Dartmoor

Scouts reported missing on Dartmoor

The team were put on alert at 07:56am then called out at 10:05am to assist the Plymouth team in searching for a group of Scouts who had gone missing.

Scouts were found safe and well in the Peat Cot area and our team were stood down at 11:02am

Berkshire teenager rescued from Shipley Bridge

The team were called at 16:24 to rescue a teenage female casualty from Berkshire who had injured her leg around Ryder’s Rock’s near Shipley Bridge.

The girl, who was on a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition, suffered serious leg injuries in an accident at Shipley Bridge, near South Brent, and was evacuated to hospital. We wish her a speedy recovery

Friday, 10 August 2012 13:16

Tomb stoning injury at Spitchwick

Tomb stoning injury at Spitchwick

Callout to Deeper Marsh Spitchwick as a male had injured himself whilst ‘tomb-stoning’. The male was airlifted to hospital with an ankle injury.

Search for elderly lady missing in Cockington Torquay

Devon and Cornwall Police were alerted when carers called on Mrs Street at about 6pm. The last possible sighting of Mrs Street was around 1.30-1.45pm in the Occombe Farm shop at Preston.

A Police spokesman said “We are treating Mrs Street as high risk due to medical conditions and have had officers supported by the Police helicopter, Coastguard and Dartmoor Rescue Group involved in the search.”

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton searched overnight with help from the Plymouth team as well as a SARDA SW search dog.

UPDATE: 13th Aug 2012 14:55 from DC Police.

Margaret Street has been found safe and well just after 14:15 today. Police and Ambulance crews were on scene. All 4 of the Dartmoor Rescue Group (Ashburton, Plymouth, Tavistock & North Dartmoor) were involved overnight and today, as well as 4 dog teams and their handlers from SARDA SW.

Police officers became concerned for the safety of the 76-year-old who was reported missing from her home in Torquay on Sunday 12 August. A police spokesman said: “We would like to thank the public for their support and help in finding her safe.”

Monday, 20 August 2012 13:12

A slip causes broken ankle at Haytor

A slip causes broken ankle at Haytor

We assisted the land ambulance crew in the evacuation to the hospital of a 70-year-old female who had slipped and sustained a suspected broken ankle whilst out walking around Haytor.

Saturday, 25 August 2012 13:11

Injury at Spitchwick

Injury at Spitchwick

Called out at 11.30am to pick up an injured male at Spitchwick. Stood down at 11.45am as he had been evacuated by helicopter.

Saturday, 08 September 2012 13:08

Callout for missing person in Totnes

Callout for missing person in Totnes

The team were called out at 11:20 to assist Police with a search for a missing male in Totnes on Saturday, searching woodland around the area. We managed to turn out around 15 from the team plus cover the Moor 2 Sea cycle race at Ashburton. The team searched throughout the day and were stood down at 18:57

Extended search for missing person at Widecombe Fair

Search for elderly man at the World famous Widecombe Fair

The team were called at 17:54 to search for a 67-year-old male who had gone missing around midday at the famous Widecombe Fair.

The man had become separated from his wife earlier in the day and despite searches by Police Officers and the Police helicopter, there was no trace of the individual 

Dartmoor Rescue Ashburton volunteers were deployed and began searching the area in and around Widecombe. Shortly after our deployment, the man was located at his home in the South Hams and we were stood down.

Thursday, 04 October 2012 13:01

Callout: Lost jogger at Spurrels Cross

Callout: Lost jogger at Spurrels Cross

The team were called out on the 4th October to pick up a very cold and lost jogger at around 10pm near Spurrels Cross.

He was located using an app called SARloc that pinpointed him using the GPS functionality on his mobile. He was very happy to see a small band of Police & Dartmoor Rescue team members

Saturday, 03 November 2012 11:51

Walker sustains lower leg injury at Norsworthy

Callout 3 Nov 2012 – Norsworthy/Down Tor

landrover side view

Members from Ashburton joined colleagues in DSRT Tavistock and DSRT Plymouth on a callout to Down Tor on early on Saturday evening the 3rd November.

The callout during the Group Training Weekend was raised when a male walker sustained a lower leg injury whilst out walking around Down Tor. He was being attended by a paramedic from South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust who needed assistance from Dartmoor Rescue to evacuate the casualty about a 1Km to the waiting ambulance at Norsworthy Bridge.

A tricky stretcher carry on slippery and in places, muddy terrain with various stone wall obstacles was successfully negotiated by members from all the 3 teams involved working seamlessly together.

A happy outcome and we wish the gentleman involved a very speedy recovery.

UPDATE: The gentleman concerned is part of the Plymouth Civic Society and he wrote a very nice piece about his experience that he posted on the society’s website.

The piece is copied below:


Concerned as we are with civic matters, we don’t very often appreciate those volunteer civic organisations that provide life saving services. This webmaster has cause to be thankful to the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Group who came to his aid after suffering a broken ankle while climbing Down Tor near Burrator.

Failing light and wrong footwear had led to catastrophic consequences but a 999 call brought a paramedic from Tavistock who located me in the rain and darkness with the help of my wife. Further calls to the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Group found all four rescue teams (Ashburton, Plymouth, Tavistock and Okehampton) on a training weekend in Okehampton. All four teams came to Burrator, some 35 persons in all including the paramedic and ambulance crew from Derriford. We must have made a strange sight – the bright helmet lights in the darkness surrounding the stretcher relaying me through the scree and mud to safety, and eventually on to Derriford Hospital.

In all, a humbling experience and my gratitude to all concerned.

The gentleman concerned also wrote to the Dartmoor Rescue Group secretary expressing his gratitude. 

Monday, 24 December 2012 11:48

Callout – Challacombe Cross

RTC on Dartmoor causes concern due to missing driver

We were called out at 0245 today 24th Dec to search for a missing person after Police received reports of a road traffic collision in Dartmoor National Park near Challacombe Cross (between Moretonhampstead and the Warren House Inn), but were unable to locate the driver.

Team members were arriving at the rendezvous car park and discussing search plans when one of our volunteers spotted a lone walker walking along the road. A short conversation revealed he was the person we were looking for and he was handed over to the Police.

Man threatens suicide as he leaves Parke estate

Dartmoor Rescue volunteers were called to the Parke estate near Bovey Tracey following reports that a male had threatened suicide before leaving the National Park office.

The search involved our volunteers as well as the Police and a Seaking helicopter from RAF Chivenor with specialist heat sensitive camera equipment. After 7 hours of searching the River Bovey, fields and woodland, the team was stood down around 22:20. Although the gentleman’s van was located, no further sightings of the man had been reported.

UPDATE 7th January 2013: The man has returned home safe and well.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 16:47

Sledging injury in sub zero temperatures

Sledging injury in sub zero temperatures

The team were called to assist South West Ambulance Trust with a lower leg sledging injury at Yartor Down near Dartmeet at 6:30pm on the evening of the 23rd January.
The team arrived through some very snowy country to assist with a young 18-year-old female sledger from Paignton with a suspected fractured leg. It had been snowing on and off during the day and when our volunteers arrived the moor was covered in a thick carpet of snow with more falling and dense hill fog.

Once the casualty’s location was ascertained she was attended to by team doctor, nurse and the ambulance paramedic. She was very cold and a little hypothermic so her injury was stabilised before she was transferred on to our stretcher and transported back to the waiting ambulance.

A successful result . The casualty has contacted us since the accident to confirm she has broken her ankle and it’s a little sore. We wish her well and hope she is back on her feet again soon.

The incident was reported on by the BBC. Their report is at the following link.

BBC Spotlight video

Search for missing 47-year-old male in Torquay

The team were called out this afternoon to search woodlands in Torquay for a missing 47-year-old. Fortunately, the Individual was located quickly and the team stood down before being deployed.

Sunday, 17 February 2013 16:42

Three overdue kayakers in the Dart Gorge

Three overdue kayakers in the Dart Valley

The team were called by The Police at 8:15 pm on the evening of Saturday 16th February as they were concerned about the welfare of 3 overdue kayakers on the upper Dart Valley.

Just before nightfall they had been passed by other kayakers who reported them as having difficulties around Euthanasia Falls. On arrival the Police monitored the usual exit points of the gorge for signs of the 3 but when they didn’t appear, we were called to search the upper Dart and the gorge.


Our teams compromising of our Level 2 and 3 Specialist Swift Water Technicians and the South West Ambulance Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) swept the gorge from Newbridge up to Hockinston Marsh but no signs of the kayakers or their equipment was spotted and the team were stood down around Midnight.

UPDATE Monday 18th February 2013:

Since the callout we have been contacted by a member of the public who believes that their group was the one in question. Three of their party decided to walk out at about 4.30 pm when a few hundred metres below Euthanasia falls. They were well equipped with map, bothy bag, torches, mobile phone etc. The other members of the party finished at Newbridge and drove up to meet them on the track near Venford Reservoir and take them back to lodgings. A group of paddlers did see them but they were given the thumbs up.

We appreciate the contact we have had from the paddling community and are very pleased that all were safe and well. We would rather be called out and not be needed than not be called which often leads to tragedy.

For those of you visiting the Paddlers Party at the River Dart Country Park on March 2nd, do come and say hi as we will have some of our Swift Water specialists at the event.


Happy paddling!

The team received a callout request from the Police at 23:30 on Wednesday 20th February.

A 15 year old with learning difficulties had gone missing in the Dartington area near Totnes.

Fortunately the Police located the teenager safe and well before our team of volunteers was deployed.

Extended search for missing person from Launceston farm

In the early hours of the 13th March, a 50 year old female went missing from her home in the Tregeare area near Launceston in Cornwall. Our colleagues at Cornwall Search and Rescue Team were asked to assist the Police in the search but were unable to locate her.

North Dartmoor and Tavistock Search and Rescue teams were deployed in the afternoon to help with the search that carried on into the evening. As temperatures dropped to around freezing Plymouth Search and Rescue and ourselves were asked to continue the search overnight until around 6am. On Thursday the 15th, Exmoor Search and Rescue Team were also deployed with the search being supported throughout by SARDA search and rescue dogs. This is one of the largest regional responses to a search in recent years.

A representative from our team said “All the members of all the mountain rescue teams involved, including the SARDA search dogs, are unpaid volunteers relying almost entirely on the generosity of the public for donations and fundraising to maintain and keep serviceable our specialist equipment and vehicles. We are all working hard along with the local community and the Police for a safe and positive outcome”


Great news as search comes to a safe conclusion.

Family walkers lost in Bovey Valley Woods

A team member who lived locally to the Bovey Valley, was tasked by our Team Leader to assist the Police with locating a family who had called for help after losing their way in the Bovey Valley Woods area between Bovey Tracey and Lustleigh Cleave.

One member of their party, an 8 year old, was reported as cold, having fallen in the water, however they advised us that they were able to deal with this themselves and were able to walk.

The Team Leader was involved in conversations between Police control room, a member of the missing party and the Police helicopter, in order to establish their location and direct them to a place of safety. Meanwhile one Hill Party Leader was dispatched to attempt to locate the vehicle belonging to the party in order to establish where they had started their walk.


The party were soon located by the helicopter. As they were not far from a road, a member of the helicopter crew was landed to walk them out, where they were met by the DSRT Ashburton Hill Party Leader. One member of the party required treatment for an ankle injury and so was taken to rendezvous with an ambulance. The remainder of the party were assisted in returning to their vehicles.

The young girl got a clean bill of health off the paramedic.

All ended happily.

The team were called early on Easter Monday to search for a missing male despondent in Torquay.

The team was tasked alongside our Coastguard search and rescue colleagues to cover a significant search area in the Watcombe area of Torquay. The search area included heathland popular with dogwalkers as well as a golf course and difficult terrain including cliffs and dense bramble scrub. The team searched for 8hrs throughout Easter Monday and were eventually stood down around 17:00 and handed over to a combined force of our Dartmoor Rescue colleagues at Plymouth & Okehampton to cover the last few remaining areas.

We were informed late on the 1st April that the misper presented to Torbay Hospital Accident & Emergency department at around 22:30.

A large team effort of multiple voluntary and full-time emergency service organisations worked along side each other throughout the search, including the Devon and Cornwall Police helicopter.

About the team

We are a voluntary organisation providing a search and rescue expertise to Devon and Cornwall Police 24 x 365. We are funded entirely by public donation receiving no central government funding at all. This year we need over £15,000 of donations to continue to operate. You can help by donating via the following link or by sending a text message to 70070 with the message DART02 £5 (You can donate more or less by changing the £5 in the message to £1, £3 or £10)

Friday, 12 April 2013 16:32

Search for missing 86 year old male

Search for 86 year old male

The team were called out at 15:45 on Friday 12th April to search for a missing 86 year old male.

Teenager on Ten Tors Training sustains ankle injury

We were called at 1900 today to assist a Ten Tors team in the Redlake area in Dartmoor National Park, in which one member had sustained an ankle injury. The casualty was being looked after by the party leaders near to Crossways, which despite being several kilometres from a road is accessible by Landrover via the disused Red Lake tramway.

This was a limited callout, involving 3 members. The casualty and 2 party leaders were evacuated to their vehicles and we returned to the Rescue Centre by 2300.

UPDATE: – The party leader commented on the experience

Thank you very much for your assistance yesterday evening on getting one of my team off the moor from the marker stone at SX 647 659,.

Your regular updates of where your members were to my two leaders was much appreciated. The injured team member was still unable to put weight on it the morning after the event and it has been confirmed by A and E as a damaged ligament….he is still hoping to do the event in 3 weeks time…..hopefully you won’t be needed again then!

Your helpfulness in getting the leaders back to their vehicles was also very much appreciated.

Monday, 29 April 2013 16:29

Concern for Paignton mother

Concern for Paignton mother

The team were called this afternoon to search for a Paignton mother who had been missing overnight. Police were concerned for her welfare, given the circumstances of her departure from home and after intensive investigation failed to give any indication of her whereabouts.

Following a meeting between the Police and a team Search Manager, the full team were called and a response of 20 members was expected initially with 8 more to follow. Teams from Plymouth and Okehampton were advised in case additional resources were required.

Fortunately, the missing person was found soon after the teams started their searches and we were stood down just 10 minutes after the call out.

Body found in search for missing female

Just under twenty team members responded to a request for assistance from DSRT Okehampton (Northmoor) last night around 22:00.

The team deployed to assist in a search for a missing woman. Shortly after our team’s started their search area’s a body was found by colleagues from Okehampton. Following this discovery, the search was suspended while the Police investigation continues.

The team’s thoughts are with the missing person’s family and friends.

Casualty with severe bleed rescued from Dartmoor

The team were called this afternoon to assist the ambulance service with an evacuation from the Rippon Tor area of Dartmoor National Park of a casualty with a reported severe bleed.

On arrival at the RV the Devon Air Ambulance was in the area and treated the casualty for a lower leg injury at the scene before transferring to a land ambulance at the road head for transportation to the hospital.

Tuesday, 07 May 2013 16:23

Bradley Manor Search ends in tragedy

Bradley Manor Search ends in tragedy

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton volunteers were called to the second team callout of the bank holiday Monday with thirty-five team members responding to a request for assistance from Devon & Cornwall Police last night around 18:35.

The team deployed to assist in a search for a missing female In the Newton Abbot area. Following a 4 hour search, the missing person was located and first aid performed along with Paramedic assistance. The lady was airlifted to Hospital but unfortunately did not survive her injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The Police are not treating the ladies injuries as suspicious.

The team’s thoughts are with the missing person’s family and friends.

Paignton callout for missing Polish national

Today the team were called to assist Devon and Cornwall Police with a missing person enquiry.

We were tasked to search various areas in the Paignton area as allocated by the Police as part of their Operation Seeker enquiry.

Magdalena Krawiec was last seen on CCTV leaving the place she was staying in Paignton at 8pm on Tuesday 14 May 2013.

Police and family members are growing increasingly concerned for her welfare after she didn’t turn up for work.

Magdalena is described as 5ft 10, white European, slim build with short brown hair. She was last seen wearing a black, PVC or leather coat, dark top, grey leggings or tight fitting jeans and a black top. She was carrying a shoulder bag, which may have been green, and wearing black shoes with white socks. Police are carrying out searches in Paignton for Magdalena and are being assisted by Dartmoor Search and Rescue – Ashburton and the Coastguard.

Anyone who sees her or knows of her whereabouts is asked to call police on 101, quoting log 232 of 15 May 2013.

The Police investigation continues.

UPDATE 26th May 2013:

Good news, Magdalena has been found safe and well.


Concern for Rockbeare lady who has gone missing

At 5:30am the team were called to Rockbeare in East Devon to assist the Police and North Dartmoor Search and Rescue with a missing person enquiry.

An elderly lady was believed to have gone missing in the Rockbeare area to the East of Exeter. Further information received by the Police shortly after we were called resulted in the team being stood down about an hour after we were called.

The lady has been found safe and well.

Amazing  flying skills as RAF Seaking lands in Dart Valley car park

The team were called after calls for help were heard in the early hours of Sunday morning in the Upper Dart Valley between Dartmeet and Newbridge.

The rescue involved Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton team members and some pretty amazing flying by RAF Chivenor. Fortunately, the individuals were located by team members and they were safe and well.

Tragedy at Haytor as woman and child fall to their death

A woman and a five-year-old boy have died at Haytor Rocks.

The team were called to assist the emergency services with a tragic incident at Haytor.

A woman and a five-year-old boy died falling between 80-100ft (24-30m) at Haytor Rocks in Dartmoor National Park. A Devon and Cornwall Polic force spokesman said no formal identification has taken place but officers had begun a murder inquiry. Police added that nobody else was being sought in connection with the deaths.

Devon Air Ambulance, a police helicopter, park rangers and members of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team at Ashburton went to Haytor after an incident was reported shortly before 12:00 BST.


Our thoughts are with the family.

Press reports on the incident:

Lone walker reported overdue on Dartmoor walk

A lone walker was reported overdue by his family on a walk on the moors on Friday evening that prompted a limited callout of team members to search for the man throughout the night and in to Saturday morning.

He returned home safe and well late Saturday morning.

Extensive Exeter search reveals no clues on pensioner

At 8am this morning the team were called, along with North Dartmoor and SARDA search dog teams, to assist in a search for a high risk missing person on the outskirts of Exeter.

The ground included a mix of environments including urban streets, parkland and woodland with areas of dense bramble, nettles and scrub.

It has been a long day and we would just like to thank the members of the public who very kindly refreshed our volunteers with cups of tea and some food. It is very much appreciated.

search dog at rest

On Friday 26 July Alma Royle was seen wearing a couple of slightly different outfits. When she went missing she was wearing either a red long sleeved top, black knee length skirt and black shoes, or a long green duffle coat, black knee length skirt and brown boots.

She is described as around 5ft 5ins, grey hair, proportionate build, active and sprightly. She does not have a stoop as mentioned in the previous release.

She was seen visiting the nearby Co-op store at different times on Friday.

Police believe she was last seen at 3pm in Heron Way, St Thomas, looking dazed and confused. She may have headed towards Cowick Street or the St Thomas area of Exeter.

Callout update

Unfortunately a body was discovered by a local residents dog over a week later in dense undergrowth. Our thoughts are with the family

Team called to continue search for missing Exeter pensioner

The team were again to continue the search into new areas for the missing Exeter pensioner Alma Royle. Alma went missing on Friday 26th July from the St Thomas area of Exeter and has not been seen since. Police are very concerned for her welfare and launched a large scale search investigation.

Unfortunately, no trace of Alma was discovered on this second callout and the investigation is still open and continues, Our thoughts are with her family and we continue to hope for a successful outcome.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 14:21

Lady becomes Cragfast on Haytor Rock

Lady becomes Cragfast on Haytor Rock

The team were called at 15:51 to assist the Ambulance service with a female stranded on top of Haytor.

Fortunately the ambulance service moved the lady to safety and we were stood down whist on the way

Walker reported as agitated on Buckfastleigh Down

Team callout, to a 60 year old male reported to be in distress this afternoon. We are happy to report that he turned up safe and well in the area of Venford Reservoir, after having been spotted on Buckfastleigh Down (below Pupers Hill) apparently confused and agitated

Tuesday, 03 September 2013 14:16

Difficult rescue in the Upper Dart Valley

Difficult rescue in the Upper Dart Valley

At 18:00 this evening we were called to assist the Westcountry Ambulance Service with the rescue of a young female casualty who had sustained a knee injury in the Upper Dart Gorge between Dartmeet and Newbridge in Dartmoor National Park.

Access into the gorge is difficult as it is steep sided and thick with gorse and ferns. Progress can be made along the river from both Newbridge and Dartmeet, although it is slow and difficult as slippery and narrow in places, and ill advised when the river level is high.

The grid reference location of the casualty was confirmed by the Seaking, Rescue 169 from RAF Chivenor as being adjacent the River Dart on the valley bottom, but as the casualty’s condition was not life threatening and the winch operation would have been tricky, a decision was made for our volunteers to evacuate the casualty by stretcher up the side of the gorge to a waiting land ambulance.

Rope rescue evacuation

Fortunately we train regularly in the valley and have identified evacuation points should the need arise. Our team of volunteers assessed the casualty’s injuries, made her comfortable and transferred her to our stretcher. A rope system was rigged to lift the stretcher from the incident location and continue safely up the East side of the valley to Dr Blackall’s Drive where our Landrover Ambulance, DART52, transferred the casualty to the road head above Newbridge, and into the care of the Westcountry Ambulance Service

We would like to thank all our volunteers who attended the incident for the professional and efficient job they did in a very challenging location. We also wish the young female casualty a very speedy recovery.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013 14:12

Missing Brixham pensioner found safe and well

Missing Brixham pensioner found safe and well

Devon and Cornwall Police were concerned for a pensioner who went missing around 4pm on Tuesday 17th September.

Around 03:30 on the 18th, a full team callout was issued to assist the Police and HM Coastguard with a search for the gentleman around his home address in the Brixham / Churston Ferrers area of Torbay. Rescue 169 Seaking helicopter from RAF Chivenor was also deployed in the search.

Just after 08:30 this morning, he was located safe and well at a property in South Brent.

Sunday, 22 September 2013 14:09

Callout for high risk missing person, Torbay

Callout for high risk missing person, Torbay

At 22:55 on the 22nd September the team were called out by Devon and Cornwall Police to assist in a field search for a high risk male missing person on the edge of Torbay. Thirty minutes after the callout was initiated, the team were stood down as they made their way to the RV

Saturday, 05 October 2013 14:06

Lost in the Upper Dart Valley

Lost in the Upper Dart Valley

Our Team Leader was contacted by the Police following a call for help made by a small group who had become lost in the Upper Dart Gorge area below Dr Blackalls Drive. He contacted the group by phone and assisted in helping them relocate themselves and finding their way back to their car.

Sunday, 06 October 2013 14:05

One of our quickest ‘finds’ ever

One of our quickest ‘finds’ ever

On Sunday October 6th, our team leader and a number of our team members and search managers were deployed in the Cross Furze area near Buckfastleigh assisting with the annual Abbots Way Walk from Buckfast Abbey to Tavistock providing radio and safety cover for the event.

During the event our Team Leader was contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police with regard to a missing despondent from the Buckfastleigh area and was asked if the team members could maintain a lookout and sweep some of the local roads.

A few minutes after the contact, leaving our Control Vehicle to engage some team members on a search, our team leader spotted a person matching the description about 100 metres away and deployed a team member to investigate. The individual was confirmed as being the missing person and handed over to the care of the Police.

Having brought the search to a successful conclusion we carried on with our task in hand of supporting the Abbots Way.

Thursday, 31 October 2013 14:03

Missing child search in Abbotskerswell

Missing child search in Abbotskerswell

At 22:20 a full team callout was issued to assist Devon and Cornwall Police with a missing person search around Abbotskerswell. A child had gone missing from his bedroom at around 21:15

Fortunately shortly after the call was raised the child was found safe and well and the team were stood down at 23:12.

Fullscale search for 60 year old man in Chudleigh

A full team callout was issued by Devon and Cornwall Police on Sunday November 3rd to assist with a search for a missing male in his 60’s at Chudleigh. The team were on site at 09:30 and began a systematic search of the areas highlighted by the Police Lost Person Search Manager (LPSM). Alongside our volunteers, the Police helicopter was also deployed in the search.

A body was found mid morning and the subsequent Police investigation identified the body as that of the missing person Mike Vincent.

The thoughts and sympathies of the team are with the gentleman’s family and friends at this sad time.

Friday, 29 November 2013 13:58

Police concerned for missing 50 yr old male

Police concerned for missing 50 yr old male

A full team callout was initiated at 2am this morning to assist the Devon and Cornwall Police in a search for a missing 50 year old male.

Police are growing increasingly concerned for the male who is regarded as vulnerable and was last seen at around 7am on Sunday 17 November outside of the Spar shop, in Battle Road, Heathfield, Newton Abbot.

He is thought to be in the Heathfield area.

Stuart is described as white, aged 50, of medium build with short brown wavy hair. He was last seen wearing trousers and a coat with a back pack.

He has a brace on his right leg and walks with the aid of two crutches.

If anyone has seen Stuart or has any information regarding his current whereabouts then please contact the police on 101 quoting police reference 523 of 281113.

UPDATE 29/11/2013 08:10

The missing male has been located safe and well.

Railway lines searched in Exeter missing person inquiry

The team were called to the Exeter St David’s area on Wed 11th Dec, to assist the Police in locating a vulnerable missing person from the city.

The search centred around the river and rail lines for approx 2.5 hours, before being informed that she had travelled out of the area.

Race to find missing Newton Abbot teen before storm

A full team callout was initiated at 20:51 to assist Devon and Cornwall Police, as well as Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, in the search for a vulnerable teenager who had been missing in the Newton Abbot area since mid afternoon. Due to the deteriorating weather forecast, torrential rain, winds and swollen rivers, a coordinated search was put into action quickly in an effort to locate missing person before conditions deteriorated further.

A find

Around midnight, the missing person was found by one of our team members, safe and well and the search was brought to a successful close.

We would like to thank all our volunteers for turning out to search for the individual on what was a a very wet and windy night.

Major search for missing Noss Mayo teen following storm

noss mayo

On Thursday January 2nd, Noss Mayo teenager Harry Martin left his home on foot and it is thought he was going out to take photographs. He was last seen walking in the direction of the coastal path near to his home around noon and he hasn’t been reported as seen since.

Police, Coastguard, our colleagues in the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team at Plymouth and the Plymouth Lifeboat conducted extensive searches around the coast and inland in the area. The police helicopter and RNAS Culdrose helicopter were also involved in the search. On Saturday the 4th, it was reported that over 100 people from the local community also assisted in the search along side the emergency services and professional search and rescue teams.

On Sunday 5th January our volunteers were tasked to assist with this search that had been ongoing since he was reported missing.

It was a long day starting at 9am for our teams searching in difficult weather conditions. Our last team returned to the search control at just before 6pm and were been stood down for the night. Our teams were tasked by Devon and Cornwall Police to search inland areas around Noss Mayo, Bridgend and Membland where Harry’s family live. This included farmland as well as copse and woodlands that were quite difficult to penetrate in areas. Unfortunately no indication of what has happened to Harry was forthcoming during our search.

We would just like to thank the ladies of the WRVS who provided refreshments for all involved in the search throughout the day. Thank you ladies, your efforts were very much appreciated.


Police have confirmed that a body found in the sea at Noss Mayo on 11 January was that of missing teenager Harry Martin. Police, partner agencies and members of the public were involved in extensive searches of the area and the body of a man was found at Carswell Bay just after 10am on Saturday 11th.

Formal identification took place yesterday and Harry’s family has been informed.

An inquest is due to open on Monday 20th January..

Press Reports

The incident has been extensively reported by the media and links to some of the reports are included below.

BBC News:

Thursday, 09 January 2014 10:19

Sad end to missing person search in Exmouth

Sad end to missing person search in Exmouth

A full team callout was initiated at 01:31 this morning following a request by Devon & Cornwall Police to search inland areas for a vulnerable female missing person in the Orcombe / Straight Point area of Exmouth, Devon.

Exmouth inshore lifeboat in action

 Picture credit: RNLI/Emma Tarling 

Police, Exmouth Coastguard, Exmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat, the Police Helicopter and a Search and Rescue Helicopter from RMB Chivenor had already thoroughly searched the cliff tops, sea and immediate surrounding areas from Foxholes to Straight Point.

Our initial search with our colleagues from North Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team didn’t locate the individual and we were tasked to complete a low-tide shoreline search where a body was discovered at the foot of cliffs at 05:30 in a location that was totally inaccessible by any Search and Rescue asset the previous night.

Exmouth Coastguard Officers were re-tasked to assist us with the recovery.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Family and Friends of the deceased at this very sad and difficult time.

Press Reports

Exmouth Journal:

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