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Community support for Shaldon Primary School

As a small charity of volunteers, we rely on the generosity of our team members and many supporters to remain operational helping those in need. Shaldon Primary School is one of those supporters who we have become to rely on for the successful running of our annual Templer Way Challenge kindly allowing us to use their minibuses to ferry walkers back to the start and their vehicles. So we were delighted to return the favour and provide them some support for a sponsored walk of their own.

VIP Colin the Rescue Otter being greeted by his team members around the MREW Landrover Discovery

Children and parents in Year 6 stepped up to the challenge to undertake a sponsored walk along the Templer Way to raise some funds towards their Tall Ships and sailing fund. Enjoying better weather than our Templer Way event the week before, the participants were greeted to a VIP visitor in Colin the Rescue Otter as he turned up for the start in the Mountain Rescue England and Wales Landrover Discovery that the team had on loan for the week as part of an agreement between HRH Prince William and Jaguar Landrover in support of Mountain rescue.

Bluelight escort from the MREW Landrover Discovery on loan with the team for the week.

Team members turned out to help marshall the event lead by Shaldon parent and team member Craig Scollick and his wife Sam.

We were very happy to assist with the event and help put something back into our local community A good day was had by all and we wish Year 6 the very best with the fundraising.

Shaldon Primary School parents and students ready for the off along the Templer Way

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