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Wednesday, 09 September 2015 16:13

Lads Night In supports Prostate Cancer UK

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Martyn and his colleagues raised almost £400 for Prostate Cancer UK during their Lads Night In.
Martyn, 61, Ashburton, Devon.
A few years ago team member Martyn was diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Martyn Lads Night In. Raising money to help fight Prostate Cancer

Martyn picks up the story ….

“I had made an appointment with my GP for a general health check, and a good friend told me to ensure I talked about a check for prostate cancer, something I was completely unaware of at that point. The doctor gave me a PSA blood test and all was well and I was monitored over the following months. One month the test came back with a high reading and I was referred to hospital for further checks. Following a biopsy, the results showed that my prostate contained aggressive cancer.”

“At that point I felt the world drop out of me as the impact of the big ‘C’ word hit me. Robotic surgery was soon scheduled to remove my prostate followed up with regular six monthly blood checks and all, I’m glad to say, is now well.”

Martyn is keen for men to speak with their GP about prostate cancer.

“My advice to all is to speak to you doctor about prostate cancer if you have any concerns. A guardian angel looked over me as I had no signs or symptoms but did in fact have an aggressive prostate cancer that was luckily caught in time.”

Martyn is an active member of local charity Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton, and on the 25th September, he is going to help another great cause, Prostate Cancer UK,  by holding a ‘Lads Night  In’ with the Ashburton team at their Rescue Centre.

“We’re going to have lots of fun with games, camping and an all night barbecue. Local business have also got involved to donate anything from beer to a portaloo! It should be a great night raising funds and awareness for a really important cause.”

Alan Pewsey the team Fundraising Officer said “Martyn approached me about supporting a team event in aid of Prostate Cancer UK and I thought it was a great idea for on this occasion to support another great cause rather than our own charity. Hopefully the ‘Lads Night In’ on the 25th September will raise awareness of Prostate Cancer and if it helps at least 1 man detect the cancer early when the chance of  a full recovery is at its highest, it would have been all worthwhile.”

You can find out more about Prostate Cancer UK Charity at

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