In case of emergency, dial 112 or 999 and ask for the Police

Friday, 03 September 2021 12:10

DRG Unavailable ???

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This weekend we were concerned to read posts on social media about an injured person on the moor who, on calling 999 was told that Dartmoor Rescue was not available. 

These posts were the first we had heard of the event. An investigation is now underway as to why a callout was not requested and why the injured person was told the teams were unavailable. 

This was indeed a busy weekend for the Dartmoor Rescue Group but we would still strive to help all those that require it. There are 7 mountain rescue teams in the south west including the 4 teams of the DRG. All of these teams can be deployed into neighbouring areas in the event that a team is unable to respond. 

We are grateful to the members of the public who assisted the injured person and wish her a speedy recovery.

If you require emergency assistance on the moor or difficult terrain then please phone 999 and ask for the police, and then mountain rescue. This applies even if it is a medical emergency.


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