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Saturday, 05 October 2019 16:14

Landrover Dart52 unpacked

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Ever wondered about the kit we take to our call outs? 

Watching Masterchef and everything seems to be a deconstructed something or other, so we decided to 'deconstruct' (or unpack) our DART52 Landrover 110 ambulance. DART52's service in Mountain Rescue begun with the Scarborough and Ryedale team in Yorkshire before she came to Devon to start her service with us.

What DART52 our Landrover ambulance carries when responding to a callout

This Landrover, callsign DART 52, has been christened 'Pauline' in memory of one of longest-serving members Pauline Richards who sadly passed away whilst on duty with the team at this year's Ten Tors Challenge. <- Read more ->

Pauline was well known by team members for enjoying a cigarette break outside the back of our Incident Control vehicle during callouts. Naming DART 52 after her seems particularly apt as the vehicle emits a puff of blue smoke out of its exhaust everytime it starts.  It makes us smile and we are sure Pauline will be smiling too.

Pauline the Land Rover is specifically used to carry kit and can also take up to 4 team members if need be. Amongst other things there’s a lot of specialist rope rigging equipment including 600m of rope and everything we need to evacuate even the most seriously injured casualty from anywhere on Dartmoor.

Now to put all the equipment back in again.....


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