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  • Review of 2021
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  • DRG Unavailable ???
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    STATEMENT FROM THE DARTMOOR RESCUE GROUP This weekend we were concerned to read posts on social media about an injured person on the moor who, on calling 999 was told that Dartmoor Rescue was not available. These posts were the first we had heard of the event. An investigation is now underway as to why a callout was not requested and why the injured person was told the teams were unavailable. This was indeed a busy weekend for the Dartmoor Rescue Group but we would still strive to help all those that require it. There are 7 mountain rescue teams in the south west including the 4 teams of the DRG. All of these teams can be deployed into neighbouring areas in the event that a team is unable to respond. We are grateful to the members of the public who assisted the injured person and wish her a speedy…
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  • A Damp Dog Story - reflections on a callout
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    A Damp Dog Story - reflections on a callout It was a rainy day in late October and my wife and I decided to take our dog for a walk at Parke near Bovey Tracey in Devon. On the way there I thought I’d better remind her that I was duty search manager that week, and as things turned out it was just as well. We had a lovely rainy walk in the damp woods at Parke and returned to the café to warm up and dry off. At 3pm we had just finished our drinks when I received a text from Devon & Cornwall Police asking for assistance from the rescue team. I called them back to discover that a 28 year old female had gone out for a dog walk somewhere in the 4 mile stretch between Widdecombe-in-the-moor and Haytor and had become lost in thick fog. The lost individual wasn’t contactable but the person who raised…
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  • Recognising 37 years of service
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    Recognising 37 years of service A Presentation for 37 years service to Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton to Rob Dixon Seen here in a photograph taken back in August 2020, our members rep Jim Webster presents a platinum award certificate to Rob Dixon, along with his favourite 10year old whiskey. Below are just a snippet of Rob’s many memories accompanied by a few of his achievements compiled by Jim. Rob joined the team in 1982 whilst farming on the Moors, and became training officer in 1983 - 1986 insisting that he was volunteered for the position when a relative rookie in the team. He became a team leader as it was then (now Hill Party Leader) in 1985 and then went on to become Chair from 2000 - 2003 supported by Pauline Richards as a very capable secretary during this time, who sadly passed away last year. During the foot & mouth disease (FMD) outbreak…
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  • 2-2-2 for Dartmoor Rescue
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    2-2-2 for Dartmoor Rescue 2-2-2 for Dartmoor Rescue Normally this time of year many of us would be getting out and about on Dartmoor and in our wonderful Devon countryside, and our 4 rescue teams would have an exciting summer of fundraising events planned. Due to the coronavirus pandemic however we are all doing our bit to stay home and save lives, so many events have been cancelled. However, Mountain Rescue Teams across the country, including the 4 teams that make up the Dartmoor Rescue Group are still on call 24/7 to help the lost, missing and vulnerable. Whilst providing this essential voluntary service we, like many charities, are feeling the loss of our fundraising events. But... we've had an idea! We're launching the 2-2-2 for Dartmoor Rescue challenge This is where you come in:- We would like you to step, climb, push, dance or anything you can think to get to 2000 steps …
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  • Bovey Tracey Carnival support to Dartmoor charity
    Bovey Tracey Carnival support to Dartmoor charity Wonderful support from Bovey Tracey Carnival Bovey Tracey Carnival has supported Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton as their annual charity this year. And last night team member Al collected a cheque donation for an amazing £1,000 at the carnival committee's AGM at the Dolphin Hotel in Bovey. We are incredibly grateful as our charity relies on donations for over 90% of our income. The team is made up of 100% volunteers, meaning all the money will go directly to helping us help those in need and not on salaries. Team member Al accepts the cheque from the Bovey Carnival Chairman We are not just involved with helping the lost and injured on Dartmoor but increasingly we are called to help Devon and Cornwall Police with missing person inquires across South and East Devon and, on occasions, more further afield. So whether its a lost walker or a missing vulnerable person,…
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  • Landrover Dart52 unpacked
    Landrover Dart52 unpacked Ever wondered about the kit we take to our call outs? Watching Masterchef and everything seems to be a deconstructed something or other, so we decided to 'deconstruct' (or unpack) our DART52 Landrover 110 ambulance. DART52's service in Mountain Rescue begun with the Scarborough and Ryedale team in Yorkshire before she came to Devon to start her service with us. This Landrover, callsign DART 52, has been christened 'Pauline' in memory of one of longest-serving members Pauline Richards who sadly passed away whilst on duty with the team at this year's Ten Tors Challenge. <- Read more ->. Pauline was well known by team members for enjoying a cigarette break outside the back of our Incident Control vehicle during callouts. Naming DART 52 after her seems particularly apt as the vehicle emits a puff of blue smoke out of its exhaust everytime it starts. It makes us smile and we…
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  • It's not just about training and callouts
    It's not just about training and callouts More to us than training and rescues “I think it’s wonderful what you do”. Most Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) members will have heard this from members of the public and have replied with modest thanks. But what we do is, in fact, wonderful but not simply in the way that outsiders mean. To be part of the 60-strong Ashburton team is to belong to family which, precisely because it is close-knit, operates so efficiently when called upon to find “the lost, missing, injured and vulnerable”. To strut our stuff effectively involves training most Wednesday nights, more often than not out on the moor, although during the summer we also spend some evenings at Torbay’s excellent Horizon Centre where our 30 casualty carers keep their skills up to snuff. During the winter, every member is required to attend 12 training exercises and six during the summer. Most of us, especially our…
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  • More than just mountains
    More than just mountains An ordinary Saturday I’m a very ordinary dad and it was a very ordinary Saturday. As a bit of a treat my wife and I thought we’d take the kids to a local café for tea. No sooner had we sat down than there was scream then a crash from the kitchen, next moment one of the kitchen staff came out and all we heard was ‘We need an ambulance straight away - the Clipper Café, Shaldon…’. Lots of people do first aid courses and think they know about first aid. I know that until I joined Dartmoor Search and Rescue - Ashburton I really didn’t practice first aid often enough or use it frequently enough to be calm and competent when it was really needed. After joining the rescue team that all changed and there I was along with my team mates practicing and using first aid on a …
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  • The challenges of looking for the missing
    The challenges of looking for the missing The worst part of a search The worst part of any search is when the team has failed to find. Eight hours is reckoned the maximum members can search effectively before exhaustion kicks in. At some point the Search Manager in the Dart 02 control vehicle will radio RTB (Return to Base). Because each search party will have been monitoring radio traffic, it is unlikely that this instruction will mean that a missing person has been found by us. We would probably have heard. It may however mean that they have turned up somewhere else, as has happened on more than one occasion. People who rush off leaving friends and relatives to believe that they may be intent on suicide, do not always head off to known areas, classically to a high point before they seek to harm themselves. They sometimes go to friends to bemoan their troubles. Nevertheless, when…
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