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  • Winners! SW search and rescue teams celebrate award success.
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    Winners! SW search and rescue teams celebrate award success. The best of the South West celebrated this week at the South West Tourism Excellence Awards held under the last Concorde to ever fly at Aerospace Bristol. And we were delighted to be recognised with a special Outstanding Contribution award given to the South West Mountain, Cliff and Cave Rescue Teams for the huge voluntary contribution to looking after visitors as well as their pets. Our team leader Keith said "We are delighted that all the search and rescue teams in the region have been recognised with this award. Our volunteers give up a huge amount of their time to be part of the team fundraising, training and on callouts. It can be very disruptive to family and work life so this award is very much for them, their families and employers, as without their support we wouldn't be able to provide the life-saving service we do."  Nell Barrington on…
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  • Stories of hairy hands, pillow mounds and parliaments
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    Stories of hairy hands, pillow mounds and parliaments From hairy hands to pillow mounds and parliaments; we had them all at our third sell-out Dartmoor in the Dark guided walk on Saturday. After two really successful 'Dartmoor in the Dark' night walks at Haytor and Hound Tor, we changed venues at the weekend to Two Bridges leading five groups of walkers out to Wistman's Wood for a slightly spookier walk complete with several 'stories' told at designated stopping points along the way. Teams walked just over three miles starting at the Two Bridges Hotel. Stops included Crockern Tor, Littaford Tor and of course, Wistman's Wood, with a supper in the pub to look forward to after the walk. Fundraising officer, Ashley Rubens, was behind the third in our Dartmoor in the Dark series. He said: “Most of our training and callouts occur after dark, especially during the winter, so we take walking on the moor in the dark…
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  • Volunteer Doctors enhance medical care for casualties
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    Volunteer Doctors enhance medical care for casualties Last night's training exercise was a joint agency exercise where we worked with BASICS Devon volunteer professional Doctors who specialise in expert medical care where lives hang in the balance. A scenario involving a fallen climber stranded on a difficult to access ledge was set on Haytor Rock, and 2 separate water-related incidents around the pond at Haytor Quarry involving a deteriorating hypothermic casualty and another who needed an emergency leg amputation due to a foot entrapment in the water and a deteriorating cardiac condition. Team members and BASICS Doctors worked alongside each other to effect smooth rescues with expert casualty care being received on-site at the casualty locations.   Our Team Leader Keith said: 'The exercise was designed to get a better understanding of the skills of each organisation and how best we can work together to ensure the best outcome for the casualty.  We always pick up valuable learning points…
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  • Volunteers and full-time emergency services at major incident in Devon
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    Volunteers and full-time emergency services at major incident in Devon Today the team took part in a multi-agency exercise that simulated a major incident involving multiple casualties. Volunteer search and rescue teams from across the region, supported by Devon & Cornwall 4x4 Response volunteers, worked alongside the full-time statutory services including the Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team, SW Ambulance Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) and Devon and Cornwall Police.   The exercise took place in Kingsteignton and included professionally made up casualties with very realistic injuries. Thanks to Sibelco for allowing the exercise to take part in their quarry and DC Police for organising. A very worthwhile afternoon that promoted the expertise of all the teams involved and how best we can all work together - not just on major incidents but also on the day to day incidents we respond to on a regular basis. Thanks to BBC South West for…
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  • Major investment to bring vital radio network into 21st century
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    Major investment to bring vital radio network into 21st century WESTCOUNTRY lifesaving volunteers are hoping a new prize draw will give them a flying start towards funding a major upgrade to bring its radio communications into the 21st century For decades the radios used by members of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team in Ashburton have hardly changed. The Ashburton team has had to retire 15 of its VHF radios but still needed to communicate effectively when responding to the 35 callouts for the lost, missing and injured it receives each year.  it took the opportunity to look at how it communicates and found digital technology could bring many advantages. so is fundraising towards a target of £45,000 to convert to a digital network. The solution is a £1 prize draw running from now until December 14th with prizes including top quality outdoor equipment, experience tickets and wine, all donated by supporting businesses. ‘The team, funded entirely by public donations, has used…
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  • Celebrating 125 years of volunteering
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    Celebrating 125 years of volunteering Celebrating 125 years of volunteering with Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton In 1993 John Major was the UK Prime Minister, Bill Clinton became President of the United States, mobile phones were the size and weight of a brick, Jurassic Park (the original) was showing in cinemas and the Channel Tunnel was still a year from opening. 1993 was also the year that five members of the public decided they would like to volunteer with Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton. Here we are 25 years later and Paula, Kelvin, Julia, John and Ian are all still active members. To mark this impressive milestone, we interviewed them to find out why they joined, why they have stayed and what has changed over the last quarter of a century. The common reason all five joined the rescue team is a love for the outdoors and an unconditional desire to give something back. Kelvin…
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  • We don't always train on Dartmoor
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    We aren’t always training on the moor. Last night we were in the South Hams in S Devon training on the water at Aveton Gifford. The village sits alongside the River Avon, also known as the River Aune. Why do we train there? Well there is a tidal road that is submerged by the incoming tide that on spring tides is covered for about two hours before and after high tide. This gives us conditions that are the nearest we can get to recreating a flooding incident, such as when we were called to the York Floods major incident in 2015.   There are lots of things to be aware of for our team members during flooding and the tidal road allows us to train so that we are well prepared for any events we are called too. Water and flood rescue is a key part of what we do, with the…
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  • Dramatic Dartmoor rescue featured on Nick Knowles Close Calls on Camera
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    Dramatic Dartmoor rescue featured on Nick Knowles Close Calls on Camera Ann was walking with her friends in the Dart Valley below Dartmeet when she slipped 30 feet on to rocks. The dramatic story of Ann's accident was featured on the current series of BBC1's 'Close Calls on Camera'. The series uses footage from dramatic events caught on camera, interviews those involved and tells the casualty's story from before, during and after the incident.  Ann spent 3 days in Intensive Care after being airlifted to hospital, followed by a lengthy recovery process to get her back on her feet. We are very pleased to report that Ann is actively walking the moors once again with her friends who were with her on the fateful summer's day. You can watch the Close Calls on Camera story that featured on the BBC show below.      Accidents can happen to anybody at any time. Mountain Rescue teams across the country are all volunteers and will…
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  • Community support for Shaldon Primary School
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    Community support for Shaldon Primary School As a small charity of volunteers, we rely on the generosity of our team members and many supporters to remain operational helping those in need. Shaldon Primary School is one of those supporters who we have become to rely on for the successful running of our annual Templer Way Challenge kindly allowing us to use their minibuses to ferry walkers back to the start and their vehicles. So we were delighted to return the favour and provide them some support for a sponsored walk of their own. Children and parents in Year 6 stepped up to the challenge to undertake a sponsored walk along the Templer Way to raise some funds towards their Tall Ships and sailing fund. Enjoying better weather than our Templer Way event the week before, the participants were greeted to a VIP visitor in Colin the Rescue Otter as he turned up for the start in the Mountain Rescue England and…
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  • Walkers aged from 13 to an amazing 80 complete this year's Templer Way.
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    Walkers aged from 13 to an amazing 80 complete this year's Templer Way. Local rescuers Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton are gaining a reputation for putting together well run and enjoyable events.  Its 8th Templer Way Challenge fundraising event proved as popular as ever on Sunday despite the weather doing its best to dampen the spirits.     Sold out yet again, 180 participants braved the wet and foggy weather at Haytor early on Sunday morning to take part in the 18 mile sponsored walk to Shaldon walking the historic and beautiful Templer Way Trail. Raising money for the rescue charity that relies on public donation for over 90% of its income, the participants have so far raised over £6,000 from this year’s event helping the volunteers assist those in need not just on Dartmoor but across Devon. Event Director Craig Scollick said: “Every year we are humbled by our local community who support the team rain or shine and raise vital funds…
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